Our Goal

At iAddiction.com we believe that everyone deserves the chance to get off of drugs and alcohol, and live a clean, healthy, and sober life. Our goal is to help inform you about drug and alcohol addictions, and find you the fastest way to a full recovery from that addiction. We connect you with effective addiction treatment that is designed to meet your unique needs and personality.

Addiction & Treatment is Tough to Face

When dealing with an addiction – whether it be family, friend, or yourself – you have to keep an open mind. Denial often prevents proper treatment. Whether you are a proud parent that doesn’t think it could be your child, or a friend that has serious doubts about clear signs that an addiction may be developing or you are just assessing your own addiction, there will always be underlying doubts that a real addiction is present.

Find the Truth

Finding the truth and taking action on those results are the first steps in getting clean and freeing oneself from the addictive grip of drugs and alcohol. By answering the tough questions, and hearing the real results, a better picture can be painted for what you should do next. You can find addiction treatment that meets the needs of the person you care about – and we can help you do it with our assessments, resources, and tips.

Get The Addiction Treatment Answers You Need

So take the first steps here, and get connected with the right treatment through iAddiction.com and our vast network of qualified addiction treatment options. Take our assessments to determine if you, or someone you know, has a drug problem.

Take our other assessments to determine what the best type of treatment would be for the situation, and use the “Find a Treatment Center” tool to find the best facility that meets your criteria. We help you get started on the right path to addiction treatment.