Ambien is potentially deadly
Ambien is a popular prescription sedative used for the short-term treatment of insomnia. Ambien effects brain chemistry, triggering drowsiness and sleep. Ambien-CR has two layers; one layer dissolved immediately to induce sleep, while the second layer is an extended release tablet that dissolves slowly to keep individuals asleep. Ambien can impair reaction time, thinking and memory formation; it should only be taken exactly as prescribed. Ambien abuse is common – users of stimulants may use the drug to “come down” after a binge and get to sleep, which is a potentialy lethal combination. Ambien is a Schedule IV controlled substance.

Level 2 - Low Danger

Societal impact: 2

Ambien is frequently prescribed for mild to moderate sleep disturbances; consequently, it easy to obtain one or more prescriptions.

Recreational value: 2

While Ambien does not produce a “high” at regular doses, when combined with other prescription painkillers or alcohol, patients feel numb.

Physical/emotional impact: 2

Ambien abuse can lead to hallucinations and amnesia. When taken with other prescription medications or alcohol, side effects intensify and there is an increased risk for overdose or death. Individuals who illegally obtain Ambien prescriptions over the Internet may end up with contaminated prescriptions containing the antipsychotic drug Haldol, which produces dangerous side effects.

Potential for addictiveness: 3

Ambien is mildly habit forming when taken as prescribed; when abused, individuals can quickly become addicted.

Ambien Addiction Dangers

Ambien is not your typical “recreational” substance. Some may take the drug for the potential hallucinatory effects if the urge to sleep is put off, but these are the minorities. It is most commonly abused to “come down” from a stimulant. Ambien is used to get to sleep while the affects of the stimulant wear off, and avoid the unpleasant crash that stimulants may bring. This is an extremely dangerous use of the substance, and can result in death. Since Ambien is a prescription drug, users may also overestimate the safety of the drug. This can result in accidental overdose and physical dependence on the substance. If you, or someone you know, is in need of Ambien addiction treatment, we can help. Our “Find a Treatment Center” tool connects people in need of help with a treatment center that caters to their specific needs and issues.