Crack and Cocaine are highly addictiveCocaine is a powerful central nervous system stimulant extracted from the leaves of the coca plant. Cocaine, in its powder form (“coke”) is most commonly snorted; when cocaine is cooked with baking soda, it forms crack, which can be smoked. Immediate effects of cocaine abuse include increased energy, enhanced mental alertness and a faster heart rate. The intense high and subsequent comedown lead to cocaine addiction, as the user tries to regain that good feeling. Cocaine has been popular since the late 1970s; celebrities and professionals typically use coke as a party drug, while crack is more common in the inner cities. Cocaine is a Schedule II controlled substance.

Level 4 - Moderate Danger

Societal impact: 3

Cartel crimes in Mexico, Columbia and other Latin American nations are directly linked to cocaine trafficking. Large amounts of money are at stake when trafficking cocaine into the United States. Crack also fuels a cycle of extreme poverty and violent crime in the inner cities.

Recreational value: 4

Cocaine quickly produces an intense high. While the duration is short, the rush from doing a line of coke or smoking crack is very intense.

Physical/emotional impact: 4

Cocaine addiction and abuse has a significant impact on the body. Snorting coke disintegrates the nasal passageways, causing chronic nosebleeds. Smoking crack causes chronic hoarseness and emphysema.

Potential for addictiveness: 5

Cocaine is extremely addictive. Snorting coke or smoking crack can both lead to addiction after just one to two uses; breaking the cycle of cocaine addiction requires drug rehabilitation assistance from an addiction specialist.

Cocaine Addiction & Dangers

Cocaine addiction is often associated with the rich and famous. Crack addiction is depicted as a scourge of the inner city. The truth is, cocaine in both of its forms infects all segments of society. Drug users of all ages and economic backgrounds are susceptible to cocaine use, and addiction can take hold of any. If you know someone dealing with cocaine addiction, we want to help. Use our assessments to determine what kind of treatment would fit their personality. Then, use our Treatment Center Finder to connect with a facility that offers those programs.