Crystal Meth is a killerMethamphetamines ( “meth”, “crystal” or “crystal meth”) are synthetic stimulants. Meth is typically smoked, although it can also be injected. Meth abuse produces an intense euphoric high. The first high is always the strongest and can never be duplicated; however, users continue to use meth in a desperate attempt to recreate the experience of their first time, creating serious meth addiction problems. Meth abusers quickly lose touch with real-world pleasure. Within only months of use, meth causes serious physical changes to a user’s appearance. Meth users can also suffer episodes of violent paranoia and psychosis. Crystal meth is a Schedule II controlled substance.

Level 5 - Extreme Danger

Societal impact: 4

Meth’s impact on society is significant. This is especially true for economically disadvantaged rural communities in the Midwest and Northwest where abuse is most prevalent. Meth is extremely popular and cheap to produce at home. Production is also dangerous, as meth labs can blow up.

Recreational value: 4

Meth produces an intense, long high. Repeated use causes users to be dependent on meth for pleasure as meth alters the brains’ neurochemistry.

Physical/emotional impact: 5

The physical impact of meth is extreme; within months of use, physical appearance is markedly different as the user appears to have aged by more than a decade in just months. Dramatic physical changes include tooth degeneration and loss, loss of hair, and pock-marked skin due to the user constantly scratching at the skin. Unexplained emotional outbursts, mood swings, and violent episodes of psychosis and paranoia are common.

Potential for addictiveness: 5

Meth is extremely addictive, addiction can occur after just one or two uses. A user’s first high is also the most intense, consequently, users continue to “chase” this elusive high every time they use meth. However, repeated use only lessens the high while intensifying the painful withdrawal symptoms and side effects. Medically supervised detox and rehab is necessary.

The Meth Addiction Problem

Meth is relatively to produce and distribute. It’s powerful effects hook users and drag them down a road that ends with jail, rehab, or worse. It’s a growing problem that shows no signs of stopping in communities around the country. This highly dangerous substances poses a serious threat to users and those around them – even living in a house that was formerly used a methamphetamine lab can be hazardous. If you or someone you know struggles with meth abuse and addiction, you need to get help. Our Treatment Center Finder tool helps you find the rehab facility that best matches your medical needs and personality.