Inhalants are typically abused by younger drug usersInhalants are ordinary household products that children and teenagers sniff to get high. Examples of inhalant abuse includes airplane glue, nail polish remover, spray paint, gasoline, cooking spray, correction fluid (whiteout), hair spray and cleaning fluids. Users will sniff, snort, bag or huff these products to get high. Within seconds of inhalation, users experience feelings similar to alcohol intoxication. Since inhalants are common household products, they are not controlled substances.

Xanax Danger Scale

Societal impact: 2

The societal impact caused by inhalant abuse is limited. Inhalants are most abused by youth who are unable to afford other drugs. While inhalants are not as popular as other drugs, they are easily obtained and hard to police.

Recreational value: 1

Inhalants produce a short, intense high. Since intoxication is extremely short, users will repeatedly huff products in order to maintain this high; doing so increases the risk for loss of consciousness and death.

Physical/emotional impact: 4

Inhalant use can rapidly damage or kills brain cells. The potential for death is higher with inhalant abuse than with other drugs of similar intensity. Lightheadedness, slurred speech, vomiting, hallucinations, muscle weakness, memory loss, and weight loss are common physical side effects.

Potential for addictiveness: 3

Due to the ready availability of inhalants and intense euphoria associated with use, the potential for addiction is moderate.

Inhalant Abuse

Easy access to products like keyboard duster and other inhalants means they are one of the most abused drugs for young teens. Since they may not have the connections or funds to purchase street drugs, inhalants become an easy choice. However, the short duration of the high and the unpredictable side effects (depending on the inhalant used) result in injury and death that is easily preventable. Use our “Find a Treatment Center” tool to find help if you, or someone you know, has a problem with inhalants. Don’t let them cause permanent damage – get help now.