Marijuana is one of the world's most popular drugsMarijuana (“pot” or “weed”) is a mixture of dried or shredded leaves and stems from the hemp plant. Marijuana is typically hand-rolled into a cigarette and smoked or inhaled using a water pipe. Marijuana abuse is popular amongst high school and college students, many of whom see trying marijuana as a “rite of passage.” While voters or legislators in 20 states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for medical or personal use; the Federal Government continues to classify marijuana as a Schedule I controlled substance.

Level 2 - Low Danger

Societal impact: 2

Marijuana’s impact on society is limited. However, there continues to be a concerted government and law enforcement effort to deter international trafficking of marijuana.

Recreational value: 3

Marijuana produces a milder high than other drugs; “getting stoned” causes users to relax and zone out.

Physical/emotional impact: 2

Consistently smoking marijuana can damage the lungs; however, this impact is minimal with occasional use. Regular marijuana use impacts attention span, memory and learning ability; some individuals may also become increasingly paranoid.

Potential for addictiveness: 0

Marijuana is not a habit forming substance.

Is Marijuana Addiction Real?

There’s a misconception that since marijuana is not physically addictive that it is not harmful. It’s true that marijuana is simply not anywhere near the danger level of a hard drug like cocaine, heroin, or even prescription painkillers. But drug use is intensely personal – and it’s still possible for someone to have a marijuana addiction that significantly impairs their ability to live a normal life. If you feel that you, or someone you know, is too dependent on marijuana, you can get help. Our Treatment Center Finder helps you connect a user with a treatment facility that works with them to form healthy habits for a new life.