Xanax is a prescription medication that can help individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, and other panic disorders. When it is taken for other purposes it is considered an illegal drug. Recreational Xanax use is illegal and extremely dangerous. These medications are prescribed for specific purposes and should never be taken for other reasons. Recreational prescription drug abuse is a problem that has been growing in the United States for over a decade. It continues to lead to a number of other problems at every level of society and in every community. Xanax is normally taken in combination with other drugs to enhance the side effects.

Xanax and Alcohol

When Xanax is taken with alcohol it increases the effects of alcohol. As a result a person feel more intoxicated with less alcohol and given an additive high. The increased intoxication is incredibly dangerous for a number of reasons. First, the individual will never know how much is enough or too much in terms of both the Xanax and the alcohol. Xanax is meant to be taken daily, which causes the body to develop a tolerance to the drug. When Xanax is taken recreationally by someone who has not built a tolerance to the drug it can cause serious problems. Individuals who take this drug recreationally are at much higher risks of certain levels of abuse and other injuries. After have one or two drinks they may believe that they are capable of operating machinery or a vehicle, but the Xanax can impede your ability to operate anything. Those taking Xanax in conjunction with alcohol are more likely to cause an accident. It also increases the chances of abuse. Alcohol and Xanax can cause people to enter very dangerous situations that include sexual abuse. Using Xanax with alcohol is a dangerous practice.

Xanax Causes Excessive Drowsiness

As previously stated, Xanax is meant to be taken daily. The individual takes the drug over longer periods of time, which enable them to develop a tolerance. That tolerance is necessary to treat their medical condition, while not impairing their judgement. Xanax causes excessive drowsiness and if it is taken by an individual without a tolerance they can become extremely impaired. Operating a car is not recommended for new users of Xanax and therefore is out of the question for someone abusing the drug who should not be using it at all.

Injection Dangers

Injecting this drug is not a popular practice, but one that does happen. Xanax pH levels are such that they cannot be completely dissolved in water. When it is injected and flowing through the bloodstream it will eventually causes arterial damage. When alcohol is in the bloodstream, which is common among Xanax abusers, injecting the drug is exponentially more dangerous. Xanax is fusible with alcohol, which can lead to death.

Mixing with Illegal Drugs

Xanax is used with other illegal drugs like heroin, cocaine, amphetamines, DXA, MDMA, marijuana and LSD to enhance the side effects. This is incredibly dangerous because no one abusing the drug is going to be a chemist and therefore has no clue the right amounts of each of these will be safe. In fact, no amount of the combination of these drugs is safe. Each of these drugs holds a certain level of risks to tolerance and addiction, but adding Xanax can increase those risks significantly.

When Xanax is taken as prescribed by a medical professional it can be very effective. This drug helps people suffering from serious issues that disrupt their daily lives. When it is abused it can cause serious damage, even death. If you or someone you know is abusing Xanax speak to a professional immediately. Addiction to this drug is possible and professional treatment might be necessary.