Addiction is a major problem in the United States. Every year there are millions of individuals who suffer with an addiction. When people think about addiction normally they think of drugs and alcohol. Addiction can strike in a variety of manners. Individuals came become addicted to a variety of objects, substances and activities. It is possible for some to even become addicted to sugar. In fact, some studies have proven that sugar can be more rewarding then cocaine. Sugar addiction, like most addictions, is a progressive issue that manifests itself over time. It can begin with a sweet treat here or there. A prize for yourself after accomplishments. Candy over the holidays, cake at parties, or a soda at a movie or other event. Over time you will realize that the more you eat sugar the stronger your craving will be for it. The more you eat it the more you may feel you need it to feel normal; without it you may feel tired, cranky, and sick. Here are five signs that could mean you are addicted to sugar.

Making Excuses to Eat Sugar

The number one sign that you are addicted to sugar is that you created excuses to eat it. Number one there should not be any excuses to consume any type of food. If you create an excuse for it, then you know it is not right and you should not be doing it. Sugar is fine in moderation, but when you eat it too much and create excuses for its consumption you have a problem.

Special Trips to Store

Many people who are addicted to sugar make special trips to the store for sweet treats. Most people go to the store once a week or every other week to buy food supplies for an extended period of time. Every once and a while you may need to visit the store for certain items to complete a meal, but going to the store just for a sugary treat is problematic. Making store runs just to get sweet treats is a clear sign of sugar addiction.

Rewarding Yourself with Sugar

Everyone deserves a reward every once and a while. When we accomplish a goal it is common to treat ourselves. This is very dangerous when you treat yourself with a substance that has the ability to create dependency. Many people pour themselves a drink at the end of a long day or week to relax or as a treat for their hard work. Treating yourself with sweets is just as bad. Even worse are those people who keep themselves motivated by imagining the treat they are going to give themselves as a result of their hard work.

Secret Stashes and Binging

Anyone that keeps a secret stash of sweets is definitely addicted to sweets. By definition, keeping your eating habit’s a secret you are doing something wrong. As previously stated, eating sweets is not a bad thing, but hiding it raises serious concern. Binging in any capacity is dangerous. It is not normal to binge on any substance and sugar is no exception.

Not Been Able to Stop

Anyone that understands they eat too much sugar and attempts to stop, but fails have a sugar intake problem. Sugar addiction is very real. The neurotransmitter dopamine is responsible for the sense of wellness that individuals feel. Eating lots of sugar can causes increases in of dopamine in the brain, making people feel good while they have it in their system. Recent studies have shown that sugar can be more addicting than cocaine. That surge of dopamine in the brain, as a result of eating sugar, can cause individuals to want and need more. When they do not have it they feel worse and require more sugar.