Living sober for recovering addicts is a very hard task. After completing a treatment program the first months of real world sobriety can be daunting. After treatment care is essential for those entering the real world. It is advised by all treatment programs. Summer time is especially difficult for some to deal with because of the atmosphere of the warm summer months. The structure that is created after treatment must be practiced. Danger of relapse is increased when schedules are not kept. Traveling during the summer months is a good way to promote sobriety. By planning and adventurous travel vacation during summer months a recovering addict can keep themselves out of harm’s way. Here are five ways summer travel can promote sobriety.

Familiar Places and Faces

After leaving a treatment center it is best to remove yourself from anyone, thing or place that reminds you of your addiction and substance abuse. Most professionals advise addicts to enter a treatment center that is not near their homes where the addiction took place. The sounds, faces, smells and feelings that are produced from these things can trigger a craving. The point of treatment is to get an addict off drugs and into a stronger sense of being. By planning and summer trip after rehab addicts can remove themselves from all of the triggers and enablers that helped feed their addiction. By ridding yourself of all temptation and triggers the recovering addict can enjoy the summer and continue growing as a sober member of society.

Planning Time Well

Keeping a schedule is paramount in the recovery process. Many addicts begin using and abusing drugs because they do not have anything better to do with their time. By planning a trip the addict not only removes themselves from triggers and temptation, but it also forces them to be detailed in their schedule. By staying active and on schedule addicts can limit their exposure to feelings or emotions that can tempt them to reuse drugs or alcohol.

Taking Care of Your Body

By engaging in physically demanding or centered trips an addict continues to take care of their bodies. Addiction and substance abuse destroy bodies and health. Part of the recovery process is taking care of the body and playing a more active role in your health. Adventurous vacations can push the addict to peak physical conditioning and engage them in healthy activity. These types of challenges are great tools for recovery, which can promote long term sobriety. The excitment of adventure is also a great substitute for substance abuse. Treatment hopes to engage recovering addicts in activities they can go on to submerse themselves in for years. These activities, hobbies or sports are great ways to keep the body and mind healthy.

Travel with a Supportive Friend

By traveling with a supportive friend, addicts have support and someone to continue to grow with while sober. The experiences that the two could have will be memories that last a lifetime. These types of bonds can help recovering addicts return to reality and out of their drug induced seclusion.

Seeing Life is Better Without Drugs or Alcohol

These types of trips are wonderful reminders of how great life can be without drugs or alcohol. In action the trip will be amazing and thought provoking. It will also serve as a reminder, in the future, of how much better life is without drugs or alcohol. If you or someone you know is suffering from an addiction and in recovery, consider taking an adventurous trip to reduce the stress and pressure of the summer months.