An addiction that is often put on the back burner and set aside for little to no concern is that of sugar addiction. Prior to the release in 2014 of the immensely popular documentary on sugar in the United States, “Fed Up”, sugar consumption, abuse, addiction, and general use got little to no attention in the country. In truth though, no other country in the entire world uses sugar like the United States does. Sugar is in almost everything now, and almost all Americans are to a greater or lesser degree addicted to sugar.

For those who are immensely addicted to sugar, the problem is even more severe. In truth, the issue could get worse for them, as a sugar addict is not under the same risk of death and overdose that a heroin addict or an alcoholic is. However, sugar addiction is its very own crisis on a very personal level for those who have it, and solutions must be created for them too so that they can live healthy, happy, and successful lives. After all, the future of a sugar addict is pretty grim as many sugar addicts become diabetic. To shed some insight on what can be done to cease the habit, some tips have been included below on how to curb sugar addiction:

Substitute Whole Fruit for Sweets

• Fruit contains relatively decent amounts of fructose, which is metabolized differently than candy or pop types of sugars and it’s still a satisfying treat too, and there’s a health benefit to fruit that is not extant in other types of sweets. But one must be careful to restrict one’s intake to a few servings each and every day of fruit. Eating too much fruit has been linked to increased belly fat, which increases one’s chance of type 2 diabetes. All in all though, it would take a lot of fruit consumption to equal the amount of sugar gotten out of just one candy bar or one fountain drink.

Ditch All Kinds of Artificial Sweeteners

• Although diet soda or sugar-free gum has been known to help many dieters get through a rough patch, it is now being advised to cut out aspartame, sucrose, saccharine, even stevia too, since large amounts can make one desire sweet food. All in all these substances have their place and their benefit too, but ultimately they are just a supplement for sugar, and while fruits are just a supplement as well, fruits have substance to them, are filling, and have other health benefits too, whereas artificial sweeteners are merely a sugar substitute and nothing else.

Clean House of Any and All Sugar Temptations

• This should probably be the first thing one does in an effort to get rid of a sugar addiction. This of course means getting rid of any sugary temptations at home and at work, (including that old Halloween candy too). This simply means throwing out anything that has sugar in it that does not have any health benefit or that is used in normal meals and scheduled food intakes. This would be things like candy, chocolate, ice cream, chocolate chips, pop, pop tarts, cupcakes, etc.

Create a Backup Plan for When the Going Gets Rough

• Kicking a sugar habit is a lot like kicking a heroin habit. There are legitimate withdrawals and the whole process is really awful. If sugar cravings feel uncontrollable, one must think proactively about what kind of distraction will help one overcome them. This backup plan could really be anything, as long as it will be successful in getting one’s mind off of sugar. One could eat a piece of fruit, go for a long walk, or listen to some music. Most often, getting out and about is the best thing to do as even the slightest exercise with raise endorphins and take the body’s attention off of the sugar craving and on to the exercise.

Manage One’s Magnesium Levels

• Not all sugar is bad. In fact, there are some health benefits to certain things that have sugar in them. Craving chocolate in particular? Research shows to us that this reaction may be particularly common among people deficient in the mineral magnesium. Chocolate has long been undirected to be a healthy thing to eat at appropriate levels. However, for a sugar addict, it is basically off limits. To substitute, one must eat something else with magnesium or take magnesium supplements.