Today’s society is the most medicated society that has ever existed. It is true that many of these new medical advancements have helped millions who were once struggling with unbearable issues that made living difficult. Prescription drugs have also created a huge outburst of abuse and addiction. The country is currently facing its worst outbreak of prescription related abuse and addiction of all time. Younger and younger individuals are being exposed to drugs that are supposed to help them. These drugs help get younger generations of children comfortable with the idea of taking drugs. It builds a tolerance to substances that can be abused. It is creating the youngest population of drug addicts in history. Alprazolam is just one of the many drugs that are being abused regularly in America today.

Stimulants and the Body

Millions of Americans suffer from an inability to pay attention or focus. These people are now considered to have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) or ADHD (Attention-Deficit hyperactivity disorder). These people have difficultly focusing, paying attention, are more hyperactive, or impulsive. These behavioral patterns are usually detected in preschool or first grade, while most of these symptoms decrease with age. The medications that are used to treat these disorders are called stimulants. Stimulants work by steadily increasing the dopamine neurotransmitter in the brain. Dopamine is associated with pleasure, movement, and attention. This produces an increase in dopamine that is similar to the way the body naturally creates dopamine. Doses for this drug start low, but increase until the desired effects are produced. Since these drugs work by increasing dopamine, the neurotransmitter that is associated with pleasure, they can often be abused.

The drug is prescribed to treat individuals who suffer from anxiety, panic disorders, social anxiety disorder, and phobias like agoraphobia. The drug works by decreasing abnormal brain activity that can be associated or cause anxiety. The result of Alprazolam in the brain is a calming effect on the body. The drug can cause a feeling of euphoria, but for the most part helps to relieve anxiety and relaxes the body. This drug is a central nervous system depressant; meaning that it slows brain activity. Alprazolam (also known as Xanax) works by increasing GABA activity, which curbs the brains excitability. It allows the brain to return to a natural and normal balanced level. Different central nervous system depressants work in different ways, but their ability to increase GABA activity is what produces the drowsy or calming effect. This drug is fast acting with the benefits establishing after an hour of consumption and lasting for at least six hours. It is also commonly abused for its sedative effects.

Signs and Symptoms of Alprazolam Abuse/Addiction

The signs and symptoms of Xanax abuse and addiction are displayed in physical, mental, and behavioral. The effects of the drug on the mind and body will change how the individual looks, feels, and behaves. Like other drugs the behavior with change over a period of time and become worse as their dependency for the drug increases.

Physical Signs and Symptoms

Physically the individual with experience:

-Feelings of elation
-Extended periods of sleep
-Difficultly concentrating
-Memory problems



Mental and Social Signs and Symptoms

Alprazolam, like other drugs, causes several mild to severe mental and social effects. When individuals become addicted to drugs their actions and behaviors can become unpredictable. It can sometimes be dangerous to be around these individuals. They will have difficulty handling normal responsibilities, keeping positive relationships, holding onto employment, and become isolated. Drug abuse and addiction can take the driver seat in a person’s life. All of the activities and individuals that the person once held highest in their lives continue to drop down. They can become completely wrapped up in the drug lifestyle. Every minute of every day is inundated with how, where, and when they are going to get more drugs. This can lead to serious relationship problems. Many families are forced to separate from an addict because of the dangers involved in substance abuse and addiction. The loss of focus and attention to detail can keep an addict from holding down a normal job. Unemployment and focusing all finances towards more drugs can lead to severe financial problems. This is only intensified by impending legal troubles that most addicts find themselves. These negative effects of drug abuse can continue to pile up until an addict is able to get help.

Functioning addicts are especially difficult to detect because they are capable of maintaining a somewhat normal lifestyle. These individuals can maintain this type of lifestyle for several years without anyone noticing they have a problem. This can lead to severe physical problems or even a major boiling over or tipping point.

Alprazolam Addiction

Alprazolam is a central nervous system depressant; therefore taking the drug can cause severely negative effects on the body. The drug slows down the mental and physical aspects of your health. The most common side effects of Alprazolam abuse are: lack of coordination, slurred speech, confusion, and disorientation. It is also known to slow down respiratory rates. Slowed breathing becomes extremely dangerous when the drug is mixed with alcohol. Both of these drugs are depressants, which can lead to injury, coma, or death. Short term memory impairment is common. Those that abuse the drug heavily can also experience severe sedation, which can last three to four days.

Teenage Alprazolam Abuse and Addiction

Prescription stimulants are very dangerous. The most dangerous part about these drugs is that they are legal for production and sale; especially since they are given to young adults and children. Parents should be particularly careful when deciding whether or not to give their children these types of drugs. The truth is that these medications have a plethora of undesirable side-effects. Parents who are giving or considering medicating their children with ADHD drugs should know that there are too many unknowns about long term use, stimulants are addictive, and there are not benefits to long term stimulant use. Stimulants are not studied for extended periods of time, which means the long term effects are still unknown. Many stimulant users are given the prescription drugs for several years. Over time these drugs must increase in dosage to deliver the desired effects. That extended period of drug delivery seems incredibly dangerous and has yet to be studied. Since the dosages must be increased proves that these drugs can cause dependency and thus addiction. The side effects of euphoria also prove that they can be abused for those adverse side effects. Finally, there have yet to be any studies that produce evidence of positive cases of long term stimulant use.

Getting Help

Like all addictions, the best treatment for Alprazolam is a certified inpatient treatment program. There are thousands across the country. Each one is slightly different from the next, but most follow a similar 12-step structure. Individuals will enter the program with an entrance interview, which will allow the interviewer to be able to prepare a sufficient program that is unique to that individual. They will then follow a structured program of Detox, therapy, counseling, activities, learning, and finally aftercare. Getting proper treatment for Alprazolam abuse/addiction is important because the withdrawal symptoms can be severe and include seizures. Getting help starts with a simple conversation about getting healthy; do not put it off.