About Darvocet: The Drug, What the Drug Does, and The Dangers of Taking the Drug

Darvocet is a common and popular opiate analgesic that is essentially and mostly used to treat mild to moderate pain. It is formed from a combination of acetaminophen, (basic and normal Tylenol), and propoxyphene too. In November 2010 however, it was withdrawn from the US market because the FDA determined propoxyphene to put patients at risk for abnormal and potentially life-threatening heart rhythms and addictive tendencies. Propoxyphene is most definitely habit-forming and can cause serious physical addiction in long-term users, even if such users started off taking them for a prescribed reason.

When it comes to abusing this drug, it can be taken orally, snorted, or injected too. Propoxyphene in its basic standard operating basis acts directly on the central nervous system and is chemically similar to methadone too. It acts very strongly on opioid receptors in the brain, increasing tolerance to pain while causing sedation and respiratory depression both. Common side effects can include dizziness, nausea, vomiting and constipation all together as one.

Darvocet is a very powerful drug in that it acts directly on the central nervous system through the action of propoxyphene, the chemical component of the drug that makes this drug so controversial. This reaction on the brain and the central nervous system acts to disrupt basic brain biochemistry, causing the body to adjust metabolically to the presence of normal to excessive amounts of Darvocet. When the body adjusts to having these chemicals in it though, it gradually becomes dependent on the drug, altering its normal functions to accommodate the propoxyphene as a now normal and basic component in the human body. The dependence on the presence of the drug in the body is what causes addiction to it.

Addiction to Darvocet: What is Really Going On with This Drug from an Addiction Perspective

When it comes to taking Darvocet, one has to be very careful indeed. In essence, this drug does little more than what it is supposed to, for about half of those who take it. For the other half, it tends to create a powerful addiction, and this is why the drug was outlawed by the FDA recently. When one takes Darvocet enough, the person begins to physically crave the drug because their central nervous system has learned to function in the presence of it. When that drug is eliminated, withdrawal occurs and it occurs in a very strong and a very, very, very painful way.

In the case of prescription pharmaceuticals in general, it can often be quite difficult to detect addiction in many who take them. Most patients start taking the drug because of a legitimate, medical need that eventually turns into addiction though. In fact, studies now show that in the United States, prescription drug abuse is the number one type of addiction that there is and in fact, roughly a third of all individuals who start taking prescription drugs will become addicted to one or more of such prescriptions.

Withdrawal symptoms when the use and abuse of the drug stops are a good sign a person has become addicted to Darvocet, and intensive drug seeking of the drug is also a good sign that addiction has come about. Darvocet addicts people very quickly and very stealthily. In fact, sometimes people will become addicted without even realizing that they are hooked. Darvocet abuse is characterized as using the drug excessively, or outside of what is deemed medically necessary for its intended purposes. Long-term abuse of Darvocet can result in serious health complications and even death for those who become addicted to it.

Facts and Statistics: Prescription Drug Abuse and Addiction in the United States Today

Prescription drug abuse is without a doubt the most critical and serious drug addiction crisis in the United States today. It is the number one most popular type of drug in the nation for one, and it is also the biggest killer in the United States when it comes to drug and alcohol use and abuse. In truth, this is a very serious issue, and it must be death with as such. While little information exists on the statistics on Darvocet use and abuse specifically, there does exist quite a bit of information on prescription drug abuse in the United States in general. To provide the reader with context as to just how serious of an issue this really is, some facts and statistics have been recorded below so as to provide the reader with information as to just how serious of an issue this really is for those who are involved:

• More teens die from prescription drugs than heroin/cocaine combined. In fact, prescription drug abuse kills more Americans every single year than literally all types of drug abuse and addiction combined. This is truly saddening too because prescription drugs are legal, they are easy to get, and they are practically forced upon Americans in today’s over-medicated society.

• The United States is currently under the worst prescription drug abuse and addiction crisis that quite literally the world has ever seen before ever. The United States represents only about fiver percent of the world’s population but the nation goes through about seventy-five percent of the entire planet’s supply of prescription drugs every single year. According to this same study, roughly sixty percent of teens who abuse prescription drugs get them free from friends and relatives.

• Despite the fact that the American people make up only a mere and seemingly insignificant four percent of the entire global population, they still manage to use and abuse over seventy percent of all prescription drugs worldwide. In the year of 2014, the National Institute on Drug Abuse, (NIDA), reported that at least 3% of high school sophomores and seniors had taken oxycodone-based substances non-medically in their lifetime for abusive and recreational reasons. All in all, the prescription drug abuse issue in the United States is now so bad that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, (CDC), labeled the issue as an actual epidemic.

Rehabilitation: How Those Who are Addicted to Darvocet are Winning the Battle Against Addiction

Inpatient treatment is without a doubt the best way to beat a Darvocet addiction once and for all. Actually, the only true way to win such an addiction battle is through inpatient rehabilitation. When one is addicted to Darvocet it requires a significant amount of inpatient detoxification techniques and rehabilitative strategies to overcome the habit as it is affecting the individual. The length of time that one has been using and abusing the drug for well also dictate how long it takes him or her to achieve full recovery and sobriety from his or her destructive habit. In truth, no other form of rehabilitation is as successful for beating prescription drug abuse.

Prescription drug abuse is easily one of the most involved and one of the most dangerous types of addictions that someone can have. The difficult aspect of an addiction to Darvocet is that this is a drug that is very easy to come by, it is still legal, it is relatively cheap, and it also does not carry the same stigma that abusing heroin or cocaine or meth does, as this is not the type of drug that takes much confront to consume because, how harmless can it he’ll be after all?

The best way to address prescription drug addiction is with inpatient rehabilitation. The best route is always through inpatient rehabilitation. With inpatient rehabilitation, anyone who is addicted to anything can win the battle against their addictions thanks to the detoxification techniques and the rehabilitative counseling remedies offered at a rehabilitation center.