Addiction is a serious issue that affects millions of people every day. There are all kinds of addictions, but when someone thinks about the word addiction they normally think of drugs or alcohol. Gambling, foods, and things like exercise can also be things individuals are addicted to. When imagining an addiction the IPhone is not something that comes to mind. The popularity of the new smart phone is amazing. The majority of the American population has an IPhone or something similar, but can they be addicted to it. Addiction is defined as a chronic relapsing disease. What separates an addiction from other compulsive disorders is that addiction causes someone to repeat a behavior even if it is detrimental to their health. If that is the definition is IPhone use an addiction? If not, what is the difference?

Addiction and the Signs of Addiction

Addiction is a condition that results when a person does something or ingests a substance that can be considered pleasurable, but is a detriment to their health in the long run. The continued act of this action or consumption becomes compulsive and interferes with ordinary life responsibilities. When these actions interfere with work, business, family, or other interests then it is an addiction. Addicts may not be aware of the problem until it has grown out of control.

If you think that you might have an addiction problem there are a few signs or signals to look for to be sure. If you are abusing a substance more than once a week, have trouble stopping when you have begun, or increasing the amount abused; then it is very possible that you have an addiction problem. Addiction is the voluntary use of a substance that is dangerous to you and those around you, having difficulty curbing use is a high sign of an addiction problem. If you have been experiencing a decline in your health or ability to sleep, then you have an addiction problem. Another sign of an addiction problem is the decline in social life, work, completing responsibilities, and the rise in legal complications. Finding yourself constantly late or unprepared in work or life because of your substance abuse is a sign of addiction. If you have been experiencing a difficulty keeping up with your social life and have begun hanging out with a different group of people, with new hobbies, and hangouts because of a substance; you have an addiction problem. Some addicts are able to carry on with their lives without any of these signs, but if you experience any you should seek help.

iPhone as an Addiction?

Everyone has an iPhone or something similar to one. They are incredibly powerful tools for everyday life and make living easier. At the click of the touch screen anyone can be made aware of anything. The amount of time that individuals spend on their phones is phenomenal, especially considering we have not had them for very long. According to some researchers, smart phones can tap into the same pathways in the brain that make slot machines so addictive; an associative learning pathway. Associative learning means that your brain is trained to feel good or bad after an incident. Hitting the jackpot makes people feel good, therefore they continue to gamble. Similarly, picking up the phone and seeing that you have a voicemail, text, tweet, face book message or alert, or an Instagram tag makes people feel good. The continued practice of checking the phone for an alert and then a reward can be similar to other addictive behaviors. However, in the end can using an iPhone chronically cause damage to your life? In terms of social life and business can be detrimental to life if you post or reply poorly to something. In other cases there are individuals who have made a living off of social media and their smart phones. Is iPhone use an addiction? Not in the aspect that it can ruin lives even though continued use is known to be bad for you.