Dimethyltryptamine is an illegal psychedelic drug that is found in the human body and in at least 60 species of plants found worldwide. Two professionals have been raising awareness about this drug for several years and yet it is still relatively unknown. According to them and a number of others, DMT is considered to be the most powerful psychedelic drug on the planet. Experiences from using this drug range from the strange to outlandishly bizarre. The two studies were conducted in very different methods. The first was a first-hand experience with the drug and a log to represent the findings of the experience. The second was a much more scientific approach that involved testing the drug on various participants. In either case the drug had profound effects on the mind of the individual. This drug has been around for many years, but these new reports could increase the popularity or at the very least the curiosity of recreational drug users. Nonetheless, the drug is incredibly powerful and should not be experimented with, especially since not much is known about the long term effects.

DMT the Drug

DMT is the shortened name for Dimethyltryptamine and is found in the human body. It is also found, to this day, in 60 different species of plants around the globe. It is a relatively small molecule. It holds a weight of 188 molecular units, which is slightly larger than glucose; the simplest sugar in our body. It is actively transported across the blood brain barrier, which was discovered several years ago by Japanese scientists. They did not consider this chemical to be significant, but the fact is the brain engages with DMT actively showing its significance. When DMT is produced/ingested it is quickly metabolized by enzymes called monoamine oxidases or MAO. MAO is prevalent throughout the body, which is why the effects of DMT are very short lived.

The synopsis of DMT and the effects on the brain, body and mind are a combination between science and science fiction. The part of the brain that is hypothesized to produce the DMT can be found in other life forms. The more prehistoric, still living (lizards), have this part of the brain called the third eye. Those who study DMT have made connections between this part of this body and ancient civilizations religious theory. The explanation of the connections made can seem like something out of a science fiction novel. The studies have produced an array of different experiences that were produced by DMT. Most involved encounters with other ‘entities’. When their eyes were closed they were trapped in a place with these entities, which were sometimes described as clowns, spiders, aliens, helpers, and guides. When they opened their eyes the hallucinations blended with the reality of the hospital room. Most of these experiences were not negative, but several did produce horrific experiences. One individual in the study experienced two crocodiles pinning him down and raped him. When the drug wore off he expressed his horrific hallucination with the experimenters. He stated that he wanted to reach out for their help, but was not capable of reaching out because the gators were pinning him down. The entire time the individual had tears in his eyes and a horrified tone in his voice. This experimenter was constantly battling the FDA, government, human rights groups, and the DEA as he conducted these experiments.

Psychedelic Drugs

Psychedelic drugs are incredibly dangerous. They can easily lead individuals to hurt themselves or others. DMT might be short lived, but the horrific and realistic experiences can lead someone into a dark place. This is not a drug that should be experimented with because it is an unknown.