Working for or with someone who must micro-manage a company, job or department can be difficult. Every position in a company is set to operate some sort of responsibility. Those who oversee all the functions of a company must trust they have put in place competent employees to carry out those responsibilities. No one likes to work with a boss or colleague hovering over them. Therefore, why would states want the federal government hovering over their work when it comes to providing proper, affordable health care for their citizens? They would not. What is currently guaranteed by the federal government for states is the access to funds and services for treatment of addiction through the Affordable Care Act. The GOP’s, Paul Ryan’s baby, new health care (although they do not want to use the word ‘care’) plan would significantly decrease the support that Obamacare provides. Addicts and their families are worried that their coverage will not include the mental health care, which is essential in covering their treatment expenses. Representatives from at-risk states such as West Virginia, Colorado, Ohio, and Alaska have voiced their concern over the proposed plan. In this, and nearly all cases, the state knows better than the federal government what is best for their own citizens. In conclusion, the federal government should refer to the state representatives for advice in moving forward with, overhauling or completely shutting down the new health care plan.

Current Drug Abuse and Overdose Problem

33,000. That is the number of people who have died as a result of opioid overdose in 2015, according to the Center for Disease Control. It is a difficult figure to swallow. Opioid-related death is now the leading cause of death in the nation. It has surpassed motor vehicle accidents, which held that position for over a decade. Heroin-related deaths have also passed gun related violence. The amount of drug use and abuse in this country is running out of control. IV use of drugs has caused an outbreak of hepatitis and HIV in several counties. Indiana, Mike Pence’s former state, has called for a State of Emergency having the worst outbreak of HIV and hepatitis in its history. Many of these problems can be directly traced to the lack of affordable healthcare, limited treatment options and way in which the country views drug use and abuse. The former administration, witnessing this atrocity, added pieces of legislation to their healthcare plan that would expand Medicaid to cover mental health issues. Both science and other types of studies have physically shown how mental health issues are tied to substance use and abuse. It would only seem natural that these problems would be covered in health care treatments since mental health is just as important as physical health. The nation as a whole is sufficiently lacking in treatment options for those suffering from an addiction. Thanks to the expansion of Medicaid the nation is able to expand treatment for those in need, but professionals say it will take years to catch up to the problem.

New Health Care and States Treatment Options

The new health care plan has many faults. Well, so did Obamacare right? This is true, but the latter has provided a wider base of citizens to finally have affordable health care. It has also drastically expanded the availability of addiction treatment services, especially in states that are in dire need of them. The new law, or if some Republicans had their way and completely repeal ACA, would force millions to lose their care. The recent fight against opiate addiction has come from both sides of the aisle as politicians are putting the cause above party or better yet, country above party.