Prescription drug abuse in the United States is an issue that continues to make headlines. The presidential race has been addressing this problem in various debates. Gateway drugs are any drug that is considered to create a path to future drug abuses and addiction. For the longest time marijuana was considered the most dangerous and popular gateway drug. Recent research has found that prescription drugs have overtaken that title and is now the most commonly abused drug in high schools. These drugs are believed to be safe because they are legally bought and sold in America and that they are regulated by a governing body. The truth is that these drugs are not even that safe for those who they are prescribed. When taken as prescribed for medical reasons the drugs have potential for abuse, tolerance and addiction. When they are abused for their side effects the chances of tolerance and addiction are exponentially increased. Estazolam is one of the many prescription medications that are being abused regularly in the United States.

What is Estazolam?

Estaz. This prescription medication belongs to a category of drugs called benzodiazepines. These drugs work by effecting the chemicals in the brain, which are unbalanced and may cause sleeping problems. The drug is used to treat such sleeping problems such as insomnia. The drug is incredibly powerful and should be taken only with the care of a proper physician. Federal regulations have labeled this drug to be a substance that is habit forming, which means it has potential for tolerance, abuse and addiction. The medicine can cause an individual to fall asleep very quickly after it is ingested, therefore it should only be taken right before you intend on sleeping for several hours. There have been many cases where individuals have taken the medication and then drove, walked and/or had conversations without any memory or recollection. If you experience any of these cases it is imperative to stop taking the drug and speak with a medical professional.

Benzodiazepines depress the central nervous system. Drugs that contain benzodiaz epines (Xanax, Valium, Klonopin), are used to treat anxiety and sleep disorders; they are used by millions and also used for insomnia. These drugs attack the neurotransmitter GABA in the brain. Which, decreases brain activity resulting in a drowsy or calming effect. Nembutaland and Mebaral, also central nervous system depressants, are used for anesthesia, seizures, insomnia, or anxiety. Like any other drug, the longer one consumers it the more they need to take to achieve the same effects as the first time. Quitting central nervous system depressions abruptly can lead to severe withdrawal effects, such as withdrawal seizures.

Side Effects of taking Estazolam

This drug has been known to cause allergic reactions in many. If you experience hives, trouble breathing or swelling in your face, lips, throat or tongue you should seek medical attention immediately. This drug can cause weak or shallow breathing, fast or pounding heartbeats, unusual thoughts or behavior, confusion, slurred speech, hallucinations, confusion and thoughts of suicide. These side effects are incredibly dangerous. Anyone experiencing any of these should seek professional help immediately. There are a number of alternatives that should be considered before taking this medication. Difficulty sleeping can cause troubling problems for anyone, but these side effects can lead to irreversible problems.

Those who take the drug for extended periods of time may feel that the effects are weaker than when they first started taking them. That is a sign of tolerance, which should not be remedied by consuming more than prescribed. This drug does not normally cause overdose, but is a possibility if it is abused or taken with alcohol or other drugs. Anyone experiencing confusion, stifled breathing or loss of consciousness should seek medical assistance.

Signs of Abuse or Addiction

Depending on the drug of choice, addicts or substance abusers will display a multitude of signs of their addictions. The one common factor that all addicts show is their negligence of normal activities, interests and responsibilities. Drug abusers and addicts slow become shells of themselves. They will display less interest in their normal hobbies or interaction with friends and families. Addicts seclude and isolate themselves from their loved ones because they understand the wrong they are doing. When a loved one becomes secretive and irresponsible without a reason, it could be a drug problem. Addicts normally have difficult times managing social relationships, finances and will have legal troubles.

Over Prescribing

Experts today are torn on why prescription drug abuse is on the rise. Doctors are writing more prescriptions for people than ever before. With a higher quantity available to the public, this results in higher abuse. Adding to the number prescriptions written by doctors, there are now online pharmacies where individuals can get the prescription drugs they want. Since there is such a high number of prescription medication available, kids today need only open their parent’s medicine cabinets to get high. Some even reporting to have pill parties, where they gather at someone’s house with all the pills they can grab. Only to pour the mixture in a bowl and blindly take whatever looks good.

Government Programs

The ongoing problem with prescription medications have forced the government into action. The education of our youths is the first line of defense against prescription drug abuse. Informing the next generation of the dangers of misusing pills is paramount in changing the culture created by the country and pharmaceutical industry. Various programs have been installed to inform younger generations about safe and dangerous prescription drugs use. Dispensaries have been created to help people dispose of their expired and unused medications the safe way. Prescription drug abuse is very high in youths under the age of 18 because they are getting the drugs from their parents for free. If communities come together and get rid of their medications properly, then the problem with prescription drug misuse will be dealt a heavy blow.

Getting Help

Getting help for a loved one who is abusing or addicted to prescription medications, like Estazolam, can seem like an impossible, uphill battle. It does not have to be that way. The first, best step to take is to gain as much factual information as possible. The more educated a family is on addiction the better equipped they are to handle it accordingly. Years of research have shown that successful treatment must be specific to the drug being abused. The treatment for prescription drug abuse includes both pharmaceutical and behavioral management. A unique program is established that includes: detoxification, counseling, and if needed addiction medication to keep the patient safe. The medication is used to reverse the effects of the abused drug, while the behavioral counseling helps deliver methods to deal with cravings and drug abuse triggers. Therapy helps recovering addicts understand their addiction, what caused it and what allowed it to progress to the state they are in at treatment. They learn how to avoid temptation, enabling and strategies to reduce the chances of relapse. Seeking professional help for prescription drug abuse is the first step to rehab.