The ability to stop binge drinking depends on the person and on the situation that he or she is in. It can be a difficult road – but quitting this type of excessive drinking is of the best interest of everyone involved, including yourself, your family and friends and all of society. Below are a few steps to help you on your journey to quitting binge drinking.

admit problem
1. Admit you have a Problem

When you are trying to rid your life of a bad habit or a stressful situation, you must first admit to having a problem. Admitting that you have a problem is the major step to success. If you do not see binging as a negative habit then you will be less likely to stop. You will continue to binge until it becomes so out of control that it robs you of every ounce of decency. Realizing and admitting that binging is a toxic practice will make you resent the action enough to encourage you to slow down and eventually stop all together. Owning up to your problem will allow you to forgive and repair yourself.

fear consiquences
2. Fear the Consequences

People often run away from their fears. Of course, running away from fearful situations in life is not always a good thing because it is healthy to face your fears and get over them. However, this is an exception. The consequences of binge drinking can be adversely life altering and dangerous. Doing so can cost you your decency and possibly your life. It can cause you to act and do irrational things. If you begin to fear the negatives of excessive drinking, then your mind may subconsciously encourage you to quit.

know your worth
3. Know your Worth

Being confident in yourself and in your ability to contribute to a situation on your own, without the inclusion of excess drinking will prevent you from starting in the first place. If you are amongst people who are pressuring you to binge, then you need to be strong enough to walk away from those people and the situation all together.

stay away from alcohol
4. Stay Away from Alcohol and Alcohol Encouraging Situations

If you are vulnerable to binge drinking then the easiest way to quit is to stay away from alcohol and certain alcohol encouraging situations altogether. If you are aware of a situation or a party that involves excess drinking, then you will have to make the healthy choice to stay away. Staying away completely may be quite difficult for some people as it may result in relapsing and greater problems.

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drink slowly
5. Drink Slowly and Responsibly

Drinking slowly and responsibly will allow you to enjoy the beverage as well as the situation. When you drink responsibly, you will be aware of everything around you and you will be in control of your well-being. Responsible drinking is the ultimate key to avoiding reckless situations associated with excess drinking.

drink non-alcoholic beverages
6. Drink Non-alcoholic Beverages

There is a stigma that associates excessive drinking with having a good time. Mainstream media and social situations see unrestrained actions as the only way to have fun, which is certainly not true. You can have just as much fun and maybe even more fun by drinking non-alcoholic drinks, than you would if you were drinking alcohol. When you are in your right state of mind, then you are able to make smarter choices and stay out of danger. So, if you are trying to stop binging and you trust yourself enough to go out in social setting that includes drinking alcohol, then choose to drink non-alcoholic beverages such as sodas, water, teas and slushies’.

seek non-drinking situation
7. Seek Non-drinking Situations

Seeking non drinking situations such as movie nights, bowling parties, game nights, educational classes and hanging out with non-drinking friends will help you to invite positive practices into your life and take your mind off of the recklessness of binge drinking.

seek help from others
8. Seek Help from Others

For some, giving up binge drinking is as easy as simply never binging again, while for others, quitting might be a bit of a challenge. It is a fact that for some people, binge drinking may become more than just occasional bouts of social drinking episodes; it might become uncontrollable and hard to give up.  For some people binge drinking takes over their lives to the point that it is the only thing that they want to do. For those who may find it hard to give up the habit on their own, seeking help in the forms of therapy, family involvement, non-drinking friends and a change of scenery might help. It may take a lot of failed attempts, but if you stick to it and continue to seek help then you will eventually quit binging.

Although the act of binge drinking is often glorified by mainstream media, college life and social situations, there really is nothing positive about the practice of drinking yourself into a stupor. Overindulging in this way is disrupting and can put you in unforgivable circumstances. When you go out with your friends or by yourself, you should not go out for the sole purpose of drinking and getting drunk. Instead, you should go out to have fun and to enjoy the moment and the place. If you happen to a have a drink, that is fine. There isn’t anything wrong with drinking; it is your ability to drink responsibly that matters.

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