The entire nation is battling an addiction problem. In many places, it has developed into an epidemic that has far reaching effects. Specialists believe that it will take at least a decade to overcome those damages. How has the nation arrived at such a terrible position? Like addiction, this problem is a progressive issue that has taken years to develop. It is not something that has occurred overnight, despite the current perception. Opioid abuse and addiction have progressively gotten worse over the last two and half decades. Opioids are a category of drug that affects the sensation of pain. These are both legal and illegal drugs when consumed attach to the opioid receptors in the brain and block signals of pain; while at the same time create feelings of euphoria. These drugs are extremely addictive and dangerous. The worst part of this problem is that many of these drugs can be obtained easily. Most opioid addicts, who eventually turn to heroin, begin their drug addiction journey by using prescription drugs given to them or to a family member.

Progression of the Modern Day Opioid Addict

When people think about addiction, especially hard drugs like heroin, they imagine a decrepit individual who has made many bad decisions. Someone who, despite the great opportunities this society has to offer, continues to choose to the wrong path. While self-destructive individuals might portray this image, it is not necessarily the case; especially considering the broad range of addicts. Most addicts begin their addiction journey by using drugs that have been prescribed to them. This is exactly the world we are living in today. Children today are introduced to pills at a very young age. This gives them the perception that these little colored pills are safe for consumption, especially considering they were prescribed by a medical professional. One problem with this is that it gives them a false sense of security. Another is that these drugs are not tested on young adults or children. They are however tested on adults and then a reduced dosage is prescribed to children.

Given this introduction into prescription drug use, it is no surprise that prescription drug use and abuse is the leading cause of injury, hospitalization, overdose, and death. The National Institute on Drug Abuse has stated that prescription drugs are the second leading drug of choice for high school students, but that stat is currently out of date. It would not be surprising if it was the number one drug of choice by a wide margin today. Opioids, prescription painkillers, are the most popular of all prescription drugs due to their unintended side effects. These drugs reduce or eliminate pain by attaching to opioid receptors in the brain. They cause immense sensations of euphoria, which is their desired effect for abusers. These drugs are powerful and expensive. Opioid addicts can normally get these drugs by illegally doctor shopping (going to many different doctors to get prescriptions or faking injuries at emergency rooms) or simply by opening a loved one’s medicine cabinet. This is why opioids are putting an entire generation in danger.

Entire Generation at Risk

It would seem a little too dramatic to consider an ENTIRE generation at risk of anything. The truth could not be any closer to reality. The generation of youth today is at risk of severe addiction issues. Prescription drugs are as popular as ever, especially considering they are marketed so heavily. Young adults are exposed to these drugs regularly, advised to take them and also have easy access.  Detecting addiction and addressing it is imperative to recovery. iAddiction provides a plethora of information and guidance for those in need of addiction services. Call their 24-hour hotline for answers to an addiction and/or substance abuse problem. They can be reached at 1 (877) 411-7376.