Drug abuse and addiction are serious issues that are destroying families, communities and entire states in this country. Addiction is not an issue that simply affects the single individual abusing drugs; rather it is a problem that is expansive. Drug abuse and addiction develops at a young age. The rise in popularity of prescription drugs has caused an explosion of drug abuse and addiction in this country. Painkillers are the leading cause of injury and are widely overprescribed to the population. Most individuals get their first introduction to prescription medications as young children. There is a new and growing issue relating you young kids exposure to prescription drugs. Athletic injuries are giving rise to more and more prescription painkiller prescriptions. More young athletes are given these dangerous drugs, which is causing even more disturbing effects. The rise in prescription painkiller use for athletes is turning into heroin abuse and addiction later in life.

Popular Story of the Road to Addiction

It is a common story to hear how a young and promising high school athlete became addicted to painkillers and eventually moved on to heroin. It is not a far stretch to move from pills in a medicine cabinet to the hardest drug on the street, even though most would suggest otherwise. Prescription painkillers are drugs that imitate the same effects of heroin or morphine. The drug enters the body and works to suppress sensations of pain in the central nervous system and brain. It also heightens the feelings of euphoria and pleasure by exciting those various neurotransmitters. That feeling of euphoria is what causes many to begin abusing the drug. In today’s high schools prescription drugs are just as popular as alcohol or marijuana. There are even whole parties that are designated for popping pills. A mixing bowl is placed at the center of a table and friends are encouraged to grab whatever they want to party. When an athlete is injured and requires medical attention, more often than not they are prescribed some sort of pain-management therapy. This normally entitles them to a prescription pain medication. These medications not only numb the pain sustained from an injury or surgery, but they also create feelings of relaxation and euphoria. If the stress of school or sports becomes too much to handle the student could turn to these drugs for relief. When the pills run out they need a substitute. Unfortunately, heroin is that substitute. It is cheap, easy to get and incredibly powerful.

Hiding Heroin Abuse and Addiction

It is hard to believe that fit, young athletes could be addicted to such a destructive drug like heroin. The truth is that it is rather easy. Addicts are impressively cunning and master manipulators. These addicts will do whatever is necessary to continue to abuse this drug because of the feeling it gives them and the feeling that is created when they stop taking the drug. Opiate abuse, when it is suddenly stopped, causes very strong and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can cause an individual to continue to abuse the drug even when they know the danger to which they are putting themselves. Heroin has a high rate of overdose and can cause death. Drug Enforcement Agents have found clear connections between athletes and the sales of heroin in the United States. Drug cartels are directly targeting this group of young adults because they are more prone to prescription drug abuse and addiction than any other group. There is a rising number of young athletes that are becoming addicted to prescription painkillers. The stress of school and obtaining scholarships for college push them to take these drugs recklessly in order to secure their future. Unfortunately, it has ruined the lives of hundreds of promising student athletes across the country.