Roxanol is the brand name for an oral form of morphine. It is a powerful and addictive opiate. It is in a class of medications called opiate narcotic analgesics. The drug works on the central nervous system to change the way the body perceives pain. The brain and nervous system are changed because the drug effects the neurotransmitters involved in sensations of pleasure. Roxanol is a prescription drug that is used to treat moderate to severe pain and other more intense cases. The drug can cause an increase in tolerance and lead to dependence; and ultimately addiction. Morphine is a powerful opiate that can be very dangerous when it is not used properly; it can even become dangerous when used as prescribed. Individuals using this drug should follow the instructions for use by their physicians strictly and communicate any complications or effects of the drug. Like other opiate drugs it can cause severe effects if it is used improperly.

Roxanol Abuse and Addiction

As a prescription opiate the drug has an increased risk for abuse and addiction. The signs and symptoms of abuse and addiction will vary from individual to individual. It will depend on how long the individual has been abusing the drug, the dose levels taken, environment, and mental state of the individual. Since Roxanol is a powerful opiate the person will exhibit clear signs of abuse and addiction. They will show constant confusion, coordination problems, drowsiness, euphoria, and constipation. Those who are addicted to the drug will display more consistent signs of abuse. Morphine causes people to feel intense sensations of euphoria and relaxation. They will seem to be falling asleep, which is called ‘nodding-out’.

The social signs and symptoms of Roxanol abuse/addiction are similar to other addictions. An addict will distance themselves from those to which they were close. Drug abuse and addiction is not only illegal, but socially unacceptable. As a result, their addiction will drive them to seclusion and normally to new friends/activities. As addiction takes hold of an individual they will slowly become closer to a different group of people, who are most likely abusing the same drugs. The addict will stop participating in normal activities or hanging out in normal hangouts. As they distance themselves the addict will begin to lose interest or ability to complete normal everyday responsibilities. They can become unreliable or even disappear for periods of time. The addict will show dissatisfaction with their life and display severe mood swings. Those mood swings can turn into malicious attacks on those who attempt to help or comment on the addict’s behavior. Drug addiction causes people to participate in dangerous activities like: risky sexual behaviors, sharing needles, and seeking out more drugs.

Causes of Roxanol Addiction

There are two common ways that individuals become addicted to opiates like Roxanol. An injury or medical condition is the most common beginning to addiction.  These individuals are treated with prescription opiates like Roxanol. If the drug is taken longer than prescribed, abused, or affects the patient immensely they can develop a dependency for the drug. The euphoric sensation that the drug causes can lead to a want or need to use the drug more. Individuals who experiment with drugs for recreational purposes have a high risk for developing and addiction to Roxanol. The drug is very powerful and has high chances for causing dependency. Those who suffer from mental illnesses are at an especially high risk for abuse. Dual diagnosis treatment is an addiction treatment that treats both addiction as well as mental illness. There are many individuals who use this drug because they believe it helps their condition. Self-medicating is a very dangerous practice that almost always leads to dependency and addiction.

Effects of Roxanol Abuse and Addiction

Addiction and abuse to Roxanol can cause serious damage to a person’s life, physical health, and psychological health. When addiction takes control over a person’s life they become unable or less effective at managing responsibilities. They can become unreliable at home and with their families. Many addicts’ families are left to pick up after the addict because their responsibilities are second to the drugs they are using. Most addicts have a difficult time handling their professional lives as well. It can be difficult to complete tasks when on the drug and when they are in need of more they cannot focus or are too sick to work. Drug abuse and addiction, especially to opiates like Roxanol, can causes serious damage to physical health. Opioids are often used intravenously, which can lead to serious infectious diseases; like hepatitis and HIV. Abusing high doses of this drug can also lead to fatal overdoses. Serous morphine overdose can cause cardiac arrest and coma. May individuals abusing prescription opiates like Roxanol eventually turn to a cheaper easier substitute; heroin. Heroin is a deadly opiate that is cheaper, easier to get, and much stronger than prescription opiates. Other effects of Roxanol addiction include: suspension, falling grades, losing money, stealing, cheating, lying, depression, suicidal thoughts, social problems, anxiety, and other mood disturbances.

Treatment for Roxanol Abuse and Addiction

Getting treatment for an opiate addict can be difficult. The combination of drug abuse and changes in the brain and body cause the addict to become irrational. Addicts have a difficult time recognizing and acknowledging their problem because they conceal, rationalize, and minimize the problem. Family and friends could be enabling the addiction and be hard-pressed to confront the situation. The best way to treat Roxanol abuse and addiction is through proper, formal treatment. The longer the addiction is left untreated the more problematic the situation will become. There are thousands of treatment centers across the country that can help opiate addicts. Opiate addiction is considered one of the most severe and therefore requires a strict and specific treatment. Many opiate addicts are unable to overcome addiction on their own because the withdrawal effects from the drug are so severe. A comprehensive and unique treatment that includes both substance abuse and mental illness treatment is necessary for those looking to overcome Roxanol abuse.

Prescription Opiate Abuse

Prescription opiate abuse has quickly and quietly become the number one substance abuse problem in the country. Prescription drugs are the most commonly abused drug, most common gateway drug, and the leader in injury and fatalities in the nation. These drugs are easy to get, mistaken to be safe, and are addicting. Many young adults begin using the drug because they can simply open up their own, a friends, or family members medicine cabinet and have a large selection of drugs to which they can experiment. An estimated 52 million people have been estimated of abusing prescription medication at least once in their lifetime. About 1 in 20 high school students reported abusing OxyContin. Total number of U.S. opiate prescription depended rose from 76 million to 210 million from 1991 o 2010. These figures are staggering and they continue to rise. Prescription opiate abuse has repeatedly topped headlines for destroying communities across this country. If you or someone you know is abusing Roxanol do not hesitate; call a professional immediately. The best way to get help is by getting as much information as possible. Educating family and friends about addiction, opiate addiction especially, is paramount in tackling an addiction. When family and friends are aware of an addiction they can begin to help by eliminating any enabling behavior.