Drug abuse and addiction continue to rise in this country. More and more families are being affected by this problem, yet most do not know how to handle the situation. For many the stigma of addiction and drug abuse force them hide or run away from the problem. The inability to address the situation makes the problem much worse. The longer an addiction is allowed to carry on, ignored or undetected the harder it can be to overcome that addiction. Getting professional help is the best way to overcome addiction and most addicts agree they needed that professional help. Addiction causes changes in the brain, body and soul of an addict, which is why professional help is necessary. Detecting addiction can be difficult, especially since addicts will do whatever they can the hide or mask their addiction to enable them to continue abusing drugs or alcohol.

Prescription drug abuse and addiction continue to be a rising problem for this nation. Prescription drugs are everywhere. They are advertised on television, radio and in print. The United States is one of two nations in the world that allows for drug advertisement. As such, it is no surprise that the United States is the most prescribed nation in the country. It also come at a surprise that drug overdose is the leading killer in the United States, which overrun vehicular accidents (that held that position for decades). Detecting prescription drug abuse can be difficult because it is easier to hide. There are no ‘funny’ smells when you abuse prescription drugs. There is no paraphernalia that can be found. The drug itself is legal and in nearly every medicine cabinet in the country. If you or someone you know is abusing or addicted to prescription drugs it is imperative to contact a professional. These drugs might be legal, but they are also deadly. The Pharmaceutical Industry in the United States is enormous; ominous as a matter of fact. Pharmaceuticals are a $650 billion a year business worldwide, $307 of which is made in the United States alone. For several years it was the most profitable industry in the country. There is no surprise that addiction to prescription medication is an epidemic hitting homes all over the country. Prescription painkillers are legal opioids, which are very addictive. They are also a gateway drug to heroin. While this may sound like a bold, page jumping statement attempt; it is true. The majority of heroin addicts have admitted to graduating to heroin from prescription medications. When an individual gets sick or injured, they receive prescriptions for medications. When the prescription runs out they get it refilled, until they can no longer get professional permission for the medication or continue to afford the meds. In order to keep their high they will then move on to a cheaper, more easily attainable drug. It is much cheaper than prescription medication, prevalent everywhere, has high potency, and it does not require the permission of a medical professional.

What is Soma?

Soma is a prescription drug that is used to treat muscle aches and pains. Soma is also known as Carisoprodol, which is a muscle relaxer. It does not work on the muscles themselves, rather it works by effecting the signals between the nerves and the brain. This medication is prescribed with rest and physical therapy to treat musculoskeletal injuries. This drug is powerful and dangerous because it does not affect the drug directly, instead it works by engaging with the central nervous system. It works by effecting the communications of neurons between the spinal cord and the brain. The main effects of this drug is sedation, therefore it works by masking the pain. The drug does not work on helping an individual overcome pain or fixing the problem, but only tricks the mind into not experiencing the pain.

Soma Addiction

Addiction to any drug causes an individual to change the way they behave. Drugs work on the brain, body and emotions of a person. When someone becomes addicted their main focus is on the drug itself. Addiction is characterized by chronic drug searching and consuming. Normal everyday responsibilities and activities no longer matter. The extent of these types of behaviors will depend on the person, the drug they are abusing, how much they are abusing that drug and how often they are abusing it. Detecting this addiction can be difficult because addicts try to hide the addiction and manipulate people. The behavior of the addict will change. They will have mood swings and overall be emotionally unstable. Soma addicts will have trouble thinking clearly and expressing emotion. When an addict stops taking drugs they go into withdrawal. Withdrawal is the process in which the body craves more of the drug that it has grown accustomed to receiving. Post Acute Withdrawal symptoms or PAWS can cause difficulty in the recovery process. PAWS includes memory loss, lack of coordination, sleep deprivation and stress. You or someone you know could be suffering from Soma addiction if you/they are experiencing one or more of these symptoms. If that is the case it is crucial to contact a medical professional or addiction specialist immediately. Other symptoms of this addiction can be similar to tranquilizers and sedatives. Anyone taking this drug for an extended period of time can experience dependency, especially if they have a history of substance abuse and addiction. They can experience a number of symptoms from abuse or withdrawal that include: craving cycles, stress sensitivity, memory problems, sleep disturbances, inability to thinking clearly, nausea, vomiting, rapid heart rate, emotional numbness, coordination issues, stomach problems, and shaking or tremors. Get professional help if you or someone you know experiences these issues.

Dangerous Prescribing Practices

Long term use of this drug is extremely dangerous. Over prescribing can results in higher abuse. Adding to the number prescriptions written by doctors, there are now online pharmacies where individuals can get the prescription drugs they want. Since there is such a high number of prescription medication available, kids today need only open their parent’s medicine cabinets to get high. Some even reporting to have pill parties, where they gather at someone’s house with all the pills they can grab. Only to pour the mixture in a bowl and blindly take whatever looks good. It is imperative that parents monitor their prescription medications diligently to reduce the chances of their children taking them. Any expired or unused medications should be disposed of properly. The government has created programs to operate prescription drug disposals for that very purpose.

Getting Help

Years of research have shown that successful treatment must be specific to the drug being abused. The treatment for prescription drug abuse includes both pharmaceutical and behavioral management. A system is established of detoxification, counseling, and if needed addiction medication. The medication is used to reverse the effects of the abused drug, while the behavioral counseling helps deliver methods to deal with cravings and drug abuse triggers. Recovering addicts can also gain skills that help them in their professional lives as well. Treatment is a comprehensive approach to overcoming addiction. Seeking professional help for prescription drug abuse is the first step to rehab. Recovering begins with a phone call or honest conversation with a loved one.