No single addiction treatment program is appropriate for every person seeking treatment for alcohol or substance abuse, asserts the National Institute on Drug Abuse. One of the hallmarks of a great treatment program is an individualized treatment plan.

There are a variety of strategies that can be employed to personalize treatment for yourself, a friend or family member. While a treatment facility will do its part to tailor the program to your needs, there is a lot that can be done by you and your family to further personalize treatment and the benefits received from it.

Steps toward Customizing an Addiction Treatment Program

  1. Speak Openly with Medical Staff. Medical personnel at a treatment facility will help as much as they can to create a customized treatment program for each individual. Speaking with them honestly and openly will help them accomplish this. On the other hand, hiding information only ends up hurting you. There’s no shame in sharing the truth about what you think or feel; it will enable others to help you more.
  2. Create Personal Goals. Take part in personalizing your treatment by working with a counselor to develop personal goals. Your goals will vary depending on your physical and mental health, family situation and other factors. The goals your working toward should benefit you and your loved ones.
  3. Develop the Right Support Network. There are various ways to gain support during and after treatment. Like other strategies, what works well for one may not work for another. Take advantage of each support network offered during treatment, while making note of what helps you most so you can include more of it.
  4. Learn How to Advocate. Early on, there will be many people to advocate for you, including your doctor, counselor and loved ones. Eventually, learning to advocate for yourself will help you live a sober lifestyle and personalize it to suit your needs.
  5. Participate in Activities You Like. Most treatment programs include classes or workshops that teach important life skills that will help in a new lifestyle. Try a variety of these activities to learn what is most helpful and interesting to you.
  6. Take Advantage of Learning Opportunities. When presented with a new learning opportunity, such as a class or discussion, take advantage of it. Learning new things can help in the development of a customized treatment and sober living plan by revealing new ways of thinking about or doing things.
  7. Put Yourself First. Putting self-care first is often difficult to do, but it’s vital to long-term success. Personalize your treatment by engaging in healthy activities and eating healthy meals that appeal to you.


Own Your Treatment and Sobriety

In order for treatment of substance abuse to be successful, it must address the multi-faceted needs of each individual, says the National Institute on Drug Abuse. It’s important not to feel pigeon-holed or pressured into working through treatment in a similar way to someone else. More than likely, another person’s approach to treatment wouldn’t suit you.

By choosing to own your treatment and sober lifestyle, you give yourself permission to approach both in a manner that suits you best. Over time, you’ll work with a counselor or medical personnel to alter the strategies used as you progress and change during treatment.

Active participation in this will help develop a personalized approach that promotes success in treatment and sober living.