Men are from Mars and women from Venus. There are thousands if not millions of differences between the two sexes. The issues that each endures during a lifetime can be extremely unique to one, while others can be shared. Statistically, men are more prone to substance abuse and addiction, but both are susceptible to such problems. Current drug and alcohol trends show an increase in substance abuse and addiction across all groups. Opioid abuse and addiction is an issue that is spiking across the nation. More and more people are falling victim to powerful prescription painkillers, which can even lead them to experiment with heroin. It might seem like a far stretch to go from using prescription drugs for an injury or illness to shooting heroin, but the facts do not lie. The differences in addiction between males and females also include their ability to fight through addiction and achieve sobriety. In this case, women are more successful in maintaining sobriety than men, but why?

The Face of Addiction is Changing

The most dangerous perception of drug abuse and addiction is that only minority groups from urban areas are addicts or drug users. New studies have shown a surprising shift in the drug use and abuse demographic. The increasing drug problem in this country involves the abuse of prescription drugs and alcohol. In general, these substances are being mixed. This demographic of drug users and addicts are not what most people would expect. They are normal neighbors, housewives, young adults and outstanding members of the community. Addicts are masters of disguise and can easily hide their addictions from even their closest of friends. Most are able to do this as a result of the nature of their drug addictions. Prescription drugs (although expensive) are easy to obtain, easy to take, readily available and even easier to hide. A great majority of American’s have enough drugs in their own homes to feed an addiction for months. Society as a whole must change their perceptions of addiction and addict’s to begin efficiently combating the problem. When they realize that everyone in their own families, from grandparents to young children, is in danger of addiction, then they can begin real change.

Men and Women Fighting for Sobriety

Recent reports and studies have shown that women are becoming victims of addiction quicker than their male counterparts. They begin taking prescription pain killers for an injury, but continue to do so as they attempt to battle to stress of life in general. This behavior also turns a glass of wine a night into several. The ability of drugs to numb the mind and body can turn anyone into an addict. Women, in particular, are more susceptible to addiction as a result of the challenges they face daily and the stress that they endure. They can develop addictions to prescription drugs when attempting to deal with the pressures of work, households, children, child care, homework and other responsibilities they are required to accomplish daily. Statistics have also reported on the ability of women to maintain long-term sobriety. They had more success, after treatment, in remaining sober than males. Studies have shown that women who completed drug addiction treatment were nine times more likely to maintain sobriety compared to those who do not receive treatment. Some specialists believe that women-specific program seem to provide the difference that help them maintain such success in treatment. Exact reasons are still being discussed. Women have been more willing to discuss any issues that would push them towards relapse. More studies into the reasons for women’s success must be analyzed to further the understanding of men and women addiction treatment.