Find Answers with an Addiction Assessment

When gauging you or a loved one’s addiction there are certain questions you need to ask yourself for a proper assessment of an addiction. At our goal is to help you and your family better understand the triggers of drug and alcohol addiction and give you the tools and answers you need to find sobriety. Our addiction assessment tools will help you find the best treatments, facilities and actions to get help today. Your recovery is our goal.

Accuracy in Information is a Must

This is why we have created these steps to a proper drug addiction assessment. Follow through with these 5 quick questionnaire’s, and we can give you the most accurate information on you or your loved ones present state of addiction. Additionally this data can help you in finding the next steps to getting the help needed to treat an addiction that ultimately will ruin an entire family.

Take the Next Step

So take a few minutes and get an assessment of the addiction at hand, and the answers you must have.

Assess Your Drug Treatment Needs

Our Treatment Center Locator assessment will help you find a treatment center that meets the needs you require. We take your requirements and deliver a list of treatment centers that meet your specifications.

Drug use can slide into addiction quickly – if you fear that you or a loved one is succumbing to addiction, take our assessment today to learn more about the signs and symptoms. Recognizing the problem is the first step to overcoming it.
Finding the right type of treatment is key to overcoming addiction. There are many types of rehab, and not all of them work for everyone. We help you find the treatment that works for your situation. With the right treatment, your odds of success increase greatly.

Learning how to get help is key to succeeding in the fight against addiction. This assessment helps you find the best way to get help and begin your treatment process.
You have an addiction, and you need help. It’s time for the next step. But what is the next step? Our assessment takes your situation and helps you find the next step.