Finding the Right Addiction Treatment Program

Selecting the right type of treatment facility or program for an addiction to drugs or alcohol is not always a simple process. The best addiction treatment for one individual will not always work for another because of personality differences, belief systems and goals that might differ. Selecting the right type of treatment program for your needs or the needs of a loved one will require you to evaluate your personality and select a program that is appropriate for your own needs.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Introvert and Extroverts struggle with addiction
Although every individual has many personality traits, the two common personality types are introverts and extroverts. If you are an introvert by nature, then you are less likely to enjoy large parties or socializing with strangers. If you are an extrovert, then you will enjoy social activities and prefer being the life of the party.

Most individuals will fall somewhere in the middle with a slight lean toward extroversion or introversion. By recognizing that you are extroverted or introverted, it is easier to identify the right type of addiction treatment program for your needs.

If you are not sure about whether you are more introverted or extroverted, then you should think about the hobbies you have enjoyed since your youth. If you enjoyed spending time in large groups and going to parties, then you are more likely an extrovert. If you preferred quiet activities alone like reading, then you are an introvert.

Do you want a spiritually based program?

Your belief system is as important as your personality type. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, the belief in a higher power can overshadow some of the personality issues.

A strong belief system in a higher power like God will make a 12-step program or a rehab that is affiliated with your faith a good choice. The 12-step program requires you to give up personal control to a higher power, which allows you to give up your addiction. That belief that a higher power can help you through the cravings is a key part of success, but only if you believe in a higher authority.

If you do not have any belief in God, then a non-12 step program is a better choice. You will struggle with any program or facility that puts a strong emphasis on religious beliefs, which can result in relapsing or ignoring the lessons that are provided to you. The best program if you do not believe in a higher power might be a cognitive treatment.

Does your addiction stem from an injury that required a Prescription drug treatment?

Prescription drug addiction is a growing problem
Addictions can develop from a wide range of causes, including physical pain, injuries or general discomfort. If your addiction stems from an attempt to obtain relief from a physical ailment, then the best treatment option will focus more attention on the physical needs of the body.

A physical discomfort can benefit from a combination of treatments that include cognitive treatments, holistic healing and medical support. Cognitive treatments help you focus on the mental aspects of pain, such as overcoming the fear that pain will occur or the worry that stopping the drug will result in pain.

Holistic healing can focus on relieving muscle tension through massage and acupuncture, which can help reduce some of the pain. Medical support is necessary if your addiction started from pain or a physical ailment because you might need an appropriate medication to replace the addictive substance.

Do you need support in the form of an aftercare program?

Although some support is always useful when you are trying to overcome addiction, the amount of support you will need might vary.

If you are introverted, then the support of a small group is usually more effective than the support of a larger group. For example, you might have a greater amount of success if you are in a program that focuses on one-on-one counseling and family support groups rather than a program that requires you to talk to strangers.

If you are extroverted, then you might want more support from others. A group program that requires you to talk to strangers might offer the support you need with some level of anonymity that allows you to talk about your addiction.

When you are not sure about how much support you need, consider how much you have always had available. If you had limited support during times of trouble that lead to drug or alcohol abuse, then you might need a large amount of support to get back on your feet. On the other hand, if you do not like giving up personal control at all, then a large support group might hold you back.

Are emotional problems driving you to use drugs or alcohol?

A potential cause of addiction is emotional pain from trauma, grief or problems that arise in life. If you started taking drugs to cope with your negative emotions, then the only way to overcome your addiction is to stop running from the emotional aspects of your addiction.

Emotional pain is often a factor that leads to drug addiction

The best treatment when you are struggling with emotional pain or trauma is one that focuses on counseling. Several counseling services are available and treatment facilities usually include group counseling or other counseling programs along with treatments.

If you are struggling with emotional pain along with your addiction, then it is best to look for a treatment facility that offers one-on-one counseling, cognitive treatments and group therapy. The emotional support provided in an environment that focuses on talking about your problems will make the addiction easier to fight.

Do you need one on one counseling, or quiet time for reflection?

If you lean toward introversion, then you will need quiet time to reflect without the interference of others. When you need time to yourself, the best program is usually one that provides holistic treatments or options.

Drug Addiction statisticsHolistic treatments include meditation, yoga and similar programs that focus on teaching you to find that calm place that allows you to fight addiction. Quiet reflection can help if you are introverted because it gives you time alone and away from the stressful social situations that might be common in 12-step programs or group therapy sessions.

If you do not enjoy time alone, then the best treatment might be a program that provides group therapy and counseling programs with several individuals. A holistic treatment might have too much quiet time for your needs.

Do want to receive group counseling while in treatment?

If you enjoy speaking in front of large groups, then you are likely to have an extroverted personality type. It also shows that the best treatment for your needs might involve group counseling with large groups or a 12-step program that allows you to talk about your addiction with a larger audience.

Talking about your addiction allows you to admit that you have a problem, which can help if you are still denying your dependence on the substance. Using a large group to provide you with an audience can make it easier for you to talk because it is a social setting.

Have you been diagnosed with a psychological disorder?

Self-medicating by using drugs or alcohol is common when you have a psychological disorder. That disorder can lead to an addiction or the substance can bring out a disorder, which helps feed the addiction further.

If you have been diagnosed with a psychological disorder, then the best treatment option for you is a facility that offers dual diagnosis treatments. You need to obtain counseling; cognitive therapy and psychological treatments with specialists who understand your disorder and can treat both problems at the same time.

Have you tried overcoming addiction in the past?

Many addicts fail in rehab before they find a program that works
Taking measures to fight addiction is sometimes a hard path. If you have attempted to stop taking the substance and relapsed, then you will want to seek more comprehensive or personalized treatment options. The best treatment for your needs might be a long-term residential program that offers several treatments and creates a personalized plan based on your situation.

Are loved ones offering support so that outpatient treatment is an option?

When you are going into a treatment program, the support of loved ones might allow you to consider outpatient programs or treatment facilities that include family therapy. That support from family members and other loved ones allows you to recognize the impact drugs or alcohol has on everyone in your family.

Do you have family or other obligations that make inpatient treatment impossible?

Although your primary goal during addiction treatment is overcoming the drug or alcohol, other obligations can play a role in determining the best treatment facility for your needs. If you have obligations related to work or children, then the best treatment option might be an outpatient program that allows you more flexibility and freedom.

Your current obligations might limit the treatment facilities that are appropriate for your goals because you must balance the responsibilities with your personal needs. The best program for this type of situation is usually an outpatient treatment facility that focuses on counseling, cognitive therapy and treating the physical aspects of addiction.

Do you have insurance that covers treatment?

Drug addiction treatment can be expensiveAddiction can wreak havoc on your finances, especially if you are not able to work or you are at the point where money goes to drugs or alcohol before other necessities.

If you have a job and insurance, then you will have more options available for treatment. Many insurance plans will pay for short-term treatment up to a certain number of days, which is usually 30 days.

If funds are limited, then you might want to seek government-sponsored programs or low-cost treatment facilities that can provide the treatment that is best for your personality type. Some facilities will have a sliding scale to determine the amount you pay based on your income level and ability to pay.

When you are worried about the financial aspects of treatment, an outpatient program or a 12-step treatment might be better for your needs. Outpatient treatment programs are usually less costly because the facility does not need to pay for your food and board. A 12-step program will allow you to get help and support without spending a large sum of money.

Finding money for drug addiction treatment is hard, but not impossible.

Is your addiction causing health concerns, where medical supervision is a necessity?

If you have overdosed on drugs or your body is starting to have serious reactions to substance abuse, then you will want a program that can help you with more than just the addiction. Long-term drug or alcohol abuse will lead to physical ailments, the risk of overdosing and other health-related complications.

When you notice that you are having serious reactions, the best facility is usually a long-term program that offers medical support, a variety of addiction treatment options and has a doctor available in case an emergency occurs.

The best treatment facility for your needs will depend on your current situation, your personality and your beliefs. If you are not sure about the best program, then you should consider treatment facilities that offer a combination of options and make a personalized treatment plan based on your needs.