Drugs and alcohol use and abuse have now become commonplace in the United States. The relaxed environment that has been created in the recent years as marijuana becomes more accessible has made the idea of experimenting with and using drugs normal. It is considered part of growing up. Recreational drug use has expanded and a large percentage of high school students are abusing these drugs. They are entering college with more experience with substance abuse, which is opening the door to more dangerous behaviors and experimentation. The fact that this is now common in the nation does not mean it is safe. Here are five facts about youth recreational drug use.

Facing the Facts

At some point in your life you are going to have to face the facts about yourself and drug use. At the pinnacle of your recreational drug use you will believe that you are just having fun. That you are just a kid having a good time like all the other kids around you. The truth is that at some point you will have to analyze your life and decision making. Are you making the right decisions regarding your health and future? If you are abusing drugs and alcohol then you are not. Substance use and abuse can cause people to change the way they act and what their priorities are. The longer you go or hide from recreational drug use the longer and harder it will be to get clean and address your life.

Employment and Drug Use

There is a great number of jobs that take past drug use very seriously. Many government related jobs like police, fire, military, FBI and CIA take past drug use very seriously. When you are young and having a good time it is rare to think about the future. While college is meant to prepare you for the career that you desire, it does not mean that in a few years you could change your mind. College students constantly change majors and focus of field work. Most students never end up in the career that they had seen themselves in. those years of partying and recreational drug use could end up costing you the career of your dreams.

Age Old Look

Recreational drug users look old. The years of abusing drugs and alcohol can take a massive toll on the body. Drugs and alcohol are toxic and cause serious damage to the molecular level of the body. These are long term, permanent damages. The best examples are those hard partying celebrities of the early 2000’s, look at them now. They look terrible and while they can get surgery to help them out, most people cannot afford that. In addition, plastic surgery rarely ends well and the age begins to show even more.

Convictions Can Limit Mobility

Drug convictions from years ago can always come back around and haunt you. Recreational drug use is still illegal. Anyone with any type of drug convictions are limited in their ability to travel. The United States does not allow anyone with a drug conviction to enter the country and China requires you to register with the police. That means those with drug convictions cannot go to or even pass through these countries in route to other nations.

Recreational Drug Use is Illegal

Recreational marijuana use has been made legal in a number of states, but it is still illegal in most. Drugs and alcohol abuse are dangerous and could land you in a heap of trouble. Getting caught with marijuana, illegal drugs or prescriptions that are not your own can land you in jail. Those charges will stay with you forever and could get you kicked out of school. Not to mention the trouble you will be in from your own family.