The legalization of Marijuana is a hot topic that is incredibly polarizing. Relics of yesteryear are gung-ho about the idea that marijuana is the devil reincarnate. They are the offspring of a dated and tunnel-visioned mindset of abstinence and Armageddon. Recent studies have shown that the old D.A.R.E. program and other drug prevention campaigns have not helped and even promoted drug experimentation and abuse. New studies have also shown that marijuana is not nearly as dangerous as previously believed and that it can even be beneficial for a number of mental and physical health problems. It is also understood that marijuana is an addictive substance and is dangerous. It is not nearly as dangerous as opioids but can lead users towards more dangerous drugs. Many states in the nation are currently dealing with addiction problems. Opioids are destroying lives, families, communities and entire states. The dangers of legalizing marijuana during this crisis are easy to see.

Broad Initiatives

The initiatives for legalizing marijuana in various states are written in very broad terms. There are not enough restrictions on marijuana sales and those allowed to conduct the sales. The drug and system around the drug industry are infantile. States where the drug has been legalized, are dealing with the effects of that legalization, but those situations cannot be expected in other states. Those states with extensive addiction problems open themselves up for even more dangerous outcomes. Marijuana could flow too freely and completely destroy the next generation of citizens. Those fighting the legalization of marijuana recognize those dangers. The wording of the initiatives must be scrutinized over and rewritten in explicit detail. Unwillingness to do so could be detrimental to the advancement of those states futures.

Younger Generation Hooked on Weed

The overarching problem with legalization of marijuana is having younger generations getting hooked on the drug at an early age. There is a lot of money to be made with the legalization of marijuana. States that have legalized it have new revenue bursting from all over. Private industry in marijuana is making millions. Money is being made hand over fist. Marijuana businesses are advertising their new marijuana substitutes that come in the form of candies, waxes, teas, and other concoctions. These are aimed at new and exciting clientele. It is reminiscent of tobacco companies’ advertisements in the past. Looking to entice a new, youthful demographic to benefit from. These companies are going to attract a young and impressionable client. Not only will this get younger people using and abusing the drug, but these new forms of marijuana are much stronger and harder to detect. States that have legalized marijuana are experiencing an increase in young adults using and abusing the drugs. Marijuana gummy bears are identical to normal candy gummy bears. How are teachers, parents or law enforcement officers going to catch their young children, students and citizens with these drugs now? They are nearly undetectable in that form and hard to detect in a person. Drug testing is sometimes ineffective and expensive. This poses a new problem for society as a whole. Those states dealing with opioid crisis’ are in even more danger. The legalization of marijuana could eventually turn to a bigger opioid problem when marijuana users turn to a harder drug. These states are also stretched in the element of treatment. How are they going to cope with a whole generation of marijuana addicts in need of help?

These are just a few of the problems that legalization of marijuana will cause states. Not to mention those states already struggling with an opioid crisis. Think twice before voting for the legalization of marijuana.