Psilocybin is a hallucinogenic substance found in certain types of illegal mushrooms.  They are normally long, skinny stems and dark in color on the bottom.  They are usually ingested in a power form or smoked.  In most cases, it only takes between 20 to 30 minutes for the hallucinogenic effects of mushrooms to kick in. When they enter into the user’s body, it will affect the user’s nervous system and brain chemicals, resulting in them having distortions of reality and hearing and seeing things that are not real.  At that point, your entire body will begin to feel a sensation of increased energy. It is this “high” that keeps so many people addicted to the drug.

The effects of mushrooms are much the same as LSD. Along with a high level of energy, users typically experience a period of clarity. As time goes by, visual hallucinations often times occur. While everyone is different, it is common for the effects of mushrooms to last anywhere from four to six hours. After that, there is a period of two to three hours when the drug begins to wear off.

Dangerous Effects

As with any drug, there are negative and/or dangerous effects a person can experience using Psilocybin or mushrooms:

– Vomiting or nausea from eating toxic mushrooms
– Diarrhea from using bad mushrooms
– Stomach pains after ingesting toxic mushrooms
– Headaches, often times lasting for as long as 24 hours after taking the drug
– Increased blood pressure can be extremely dangerous for someone who has hypertension
– Increased heart rate
– Lung failure
– Increased body temperature with sweats followed by chills
– Feels of intense fear
– Extreme anxiety
– Depression
– Loss of reality
– Suspiciousness
– Irrational actions
– Distorted sense of time and space
– Confused and disordered thoughts
– Severe agitation
– Drowsiness
– Loss of coordination or motor skills which makes the whole body feel unsteady
– Muscle weakness
– Loss of appetite
– Loss of bladder control
– Loss of ability to focus
– Concentration can become more difficult
– Impaired judgment can lead to poor decisions
– Unable to distinguish what is real and what is fantasy
– A bad trip can cause panic attacks, paranoia and delusions

Long-Term Effects

Some of the long term effects of using mushrooms are as follows:

– Flashbacks for weeks, months or even years after the drug use
– Flashbacks may be set off by using other drugs or even by physical exercise
– Flashbacks may be pleasant or a living nightmare
– Most flashbacks last a very short time, only a minute or two
– Decreased motivation
– Prolonged depression
– Increased panic
– Impaired memory and concentration
– Possible severe mental disturbances
– Psychosis
– Increased delusions
– Bad trips may last hours, weeks and even months.

Another physical risk of taking mushrooms is poisoning if the wrong mushrooms are taken. If a person ingests poisonous mushrooms by accident they can have many bad side effects. A potential lasting side effect of taking toxic mushrooms is liver damage, which could be fatal.

Most of the long term physical effects of mushrooms are related to decisions a person made while tripping. Because mushrooms can lower inhibitions and increase feelings of euphoria, a person might take bigger risks, like attempting dangerous physical feats or having unprotected sex.  Injuries, broken bones, and STDs could affect a person long after their trip is over.

Each use of the drug can also make the user unaware of and indifferent to his environmental surroundings causing them to be an unsafe driver.  The drug trip can cause the user to see and hear things that are not there, interfering with his ability to detect danger while driving and in making good decisions.  Psilocybin can cause the user to appear as if they have super strength and powers and the user can become more aggressive behind the wheel.

Drugs are essentially poisons.  The amount taken determines the effect. Each experience or trip can be unpredictable as to its effect.  The consequences of a bad trip can put a person’s life at risk.  They can also end up hurting not only themselves but others due to the lack of reality due to the hallucinogenic effects.  Abusing psychedelic mushrooms can lead to dangerous and violent acts, such as suicide, homicide, accidental fatalities, and self-mutilation. There is no way to know whether or not you may experience a bad trip and what it may lead you to do.  Therefore, the real solution is to get the facts and not to take drugs in the first place.