‘Shrooms’ are a popular psychedelic drug for many young adults. These drugs are considered to be safe because they are natural. Psychedelic mushrooms are mushrooms that are found in nature, in and around cow feces, that when consumed caused psychedelic effects. Many individuals experience out of body experiences and witness strange hallucinations. The drugs cause a sense of relaxation that encourage most users to sit and gaze into the sky or horizon. Sensations from the body are exaggerated and pleasurable. Users must first get past the horrific taste and idea that these mushrooms were, not too long ago, covered in cow feces. Mushrooms are dangerous because drug dealers are not farmers cultivating an organic product; most are trespassers snatching up as many as they can from someone else’s legitimate farm. Dosages are not measured; rather, users simply guess how many mushrooms is safe for them.

Shroom Dependency and Addiction

To date there have been no discovery that psychedelic mushrooms are physically addictive. No one has claimed to develop a physical dependency on these drugs like they would from alcohol or heroin. They have however, developed a psychological dependency to the drugs. Many continue to use and abuse this drug for the pleasurable experiences. Taking this drug to relieve stress, depression, anxiety or any other issues with the real world is dangerous. Using psychedelic mushrooms to escape boredom or other issues with real life is a path to psychological dependency.

Developing an Addiction to Mushrooms

Developing an addiction to this drug is much more feasible than most people would imagine. Like other psychedelic drugs, LSD, mescaline or ketamine, mushrooms affect the way the body interprets perception. By changing the way the brain chemistry functions a user of mushrooms can become dependent on these drugs. The body can quickly become tolerant to the drug’s effects on the brain, as mushrooms affect the serotonin in the brain. The user will have to increase the dosage or frequency with which they consume the drug. The effects or high will not change, but the side effects will continue to worsen. When these drugs are taken as a way to deal with other underlying issues they can cause more problems. By using drugs to deal with boredom or mental health problems the user gains drug abuse problems that only increase their lingering issues. As the drug wears off, those feelings of depression, boredom, anxiety or stress will continue to rise, but at an accelerated level.

Signs of Addiction and Prevention

There are two main characteristics of psychedelic mushroom addiction. The first is a preoccupation with obtaining and consuming the drugs. Anyone who is constantly searching for and consuming mushrooms is suffering from an addiction. The second sign of psychedelic mushroom addiction is having flashbacks of abuse or altered perception of reality when not high on the drugs. Physical signs of psychedelic mushroom addiction are enlarged pupils, facial flushing, shaking or trembling, and a lack of muscle coordination. Anyone who exhibits or experiences these symptoms are currently on those drugs. Psychedelic mushrooms can also cause stomach discomfort, nausea and dizziness. Anyone high on psychedelic mushrooms will show different signs depending on the individual. They can be seen staring at a stationary object for extended periods of time, unexplained fits of laughter, and/or paranoid or psychotic behavior. These drugs are very dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. You should seek professional help if you or someone you know is addicted to psychedelic mushrooms. Speaking to a physician or any other medical professional is imperative if someone is experiencing paranoid or psychotic behavior.