Synthetic Drugs

Flakka is just one of a few synthetic drugs that is ravaging the southeastern part of the United States; Florida in particular. The technical name for Flakka is alpha-pyrrolidinopentiophenone. There are no concrete answers to why the drug is called Flakka, but some believe it is derived from the Spanish word flaca meaning skinny; this could be because it suppresses hunger. Recent reports state that the drug is more addictive than and powerful than bath salts. Like bath salts Flakka has been the cause of several cases of erratic, violent, and strange behavior. The drug floods the brain with chemicals in the mood-regulating parts. The chemicals stay in the brain longer than other drugs, which can cause serious long-term even permanent damage. Like other synthetics it is similar to, Flakka comes from China for a very cheap price. It is most commonly the next stage or replacement for bath salts; as they become illegal. Cases of crazy behavior include: one man allegedly high on Flakka tried to break into a police station by kicking down the door, another man high on Flakka was fleeing the police and impaled himself on a fence, and another ran naked through the streets before being arrested. Florida seems to be hit the hardest by the Flakka ‘bug’, where hospitalizations have reached several a day.

Vaping with Drugs

‘Trippy Sticks’ is the term being used for e-cigarettes and vapor pens that are filled with THC liquid. Since the product of these vaporizers is an odorless vapor, detecting misuse is nearly impossible. In fact, law enforcement that is aware of this situation, and currently looking for perpetrators, has been unable to catch anyone. Even more astounding, is where this is being used. There are several reports of high-school students hiding E-Cigs and vapor pens in their sleeves, bags, and pockets; smoking the THC liquid in the hallways, bathrooms, and other less visible areas.

Vaping and New Drug Abuses

The last several decades Americans have believed that marijuana was a gateway drug; that is it opens the doors to other illicit drugs. While this has been accepted as the truth, what is the gateway drug to marijuana abuse? Experts, specialists, and researchers have all hypostasized and surveyed to uncover a plethora of things and situations that promote marijuana use and abuse. Thanks to the ingenuity of some and the advances in science American’s have a new way to enter the world of marijuana use; E-Cigarettes. Initially created to help smokers quit cigarettes and others with a “healthy” alternative. E-Cigarettes use a vaporizing power to vaporize liquid nicotine for inhaling. Teenagers today are using the e-cigs and vapor pens to smoke liquid THC. Could this be a new gateway drug/tool for marijuana abuse? The dangerous part of this new fad is that the delivery method of consuming marijuana this way increases the high tenfold, making it ten times more dangerous. The dangers of drug use are the prevalence and ability to be concealed. Kids are not bringing in hand-blown five foot water pipes to school or leaving them out in the open because of the legal ramifications of doing so. The easier it is to obtain and conceal the illicit drugs the more likely they are to use and abuse those drugs. Which is why, for example, prescription drug abuse is so prevalent and rising in the United States. Many teenagers have reported that they were introduced to these devices by advertising on the internet, which is geared towards young adults. As well as the sale of these devices to minors, it has become an issue of concern.

Vaping Synthetic Drugs

Vaping synthetic drugs is dangerous for everyone because it is nearly impossible to tell who is vaping synthetic drugs versus who is vaping nicotine. On top of that, synthetic drugs are incredibly dangerous, as aforementioned. The fact that now they are being ingested by a vaporizing machine is ludicrous. It is impossible to know or understand the damage that is being done to the bodies of those vaping synthetic drugs.

Young adults should not be allowed to use vaping paraphernalia. There is no federal law regarding them, therefore they can purchase them at any age. Parents should be aware of their child’s spending, any type of smoking paraphernalia and their behavioral habits. Any sudden change in behavior, not ordinary of a young adult should be investigated. Synthetic drugs are dangerous just the way they are, but vaporizing them and smoking the product is very much a new type of drug abuse.