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Causes of Addiction Infographic

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The statistics and facts on drug addiction and substance abuse are staggering, but many people still ignore the dangers. By investigating the root causes of drug addiction it’s possible to find appropriate treatment solutions to help addicts lead a drug-free life in the future. The most addiction substances are crack cocaine, heroin, alcohol, methamphetamine, cocaine, amphetamines and prescription opiates. 2.5 million ER visits related to substance abuse or misuse in 2011. 51% drug-related hospital visits that are the result of substances like cocaine or heroin. Teenagers and young adults are more likely to abuse prescription painkillers than older adults. 13% people 18-25 who have taken prescription pain medication for non-medical reasons. The emotional factors that cause addiction are general anxiety, abuse, stress, mental illness, loneliness, feelings of anger, traumatic experiences, and general sadness or depression. The environmental factors that cause addiction are family beliefs that drugs are not harmful, peer pressure, ready availability in local area, community pressure, and a lack of substance abuse education in the area. Accidental factors that cause addiction are major injuries that cause severe pain and hospitalization, chronic pain from a health condition, chronic pain with no obvious condition, major surgery that will continue causing pain until the body recovers, and treating a health condition whether it is mental or physical health.

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