What’s Next? – Infographic

Whats Next? - Infographic

The Cost of Addiction and Addiction Treatment

In addition to the personal toll that drug abuse can take on the individual user, the epidemic of addiction in the United States also comes with a hefty financial price tag. With the monthly cost of a quality rehabilitation program escalating to as much as $100,000, the drug therapy business is absolutely booming. Addiction is expensive – and so is effective addiction treatment.

Addiction Treatment Industry Profits

The industry is projected to experience a $34 billion hike in overall revenue between tallies taken 2005 and those that will be generated in 2014. This increase represents a 55 percent leap in profits over just nine short years.

Who Pays for Addiction Treatment?

So who is footing the bill for these rising rehabilitation services? Insurance and private payments may account for a small portion of these costs, but a full 80 percent is currently underwritten by public funding. But the public price of private addiction doesn’t stop there.

Cost of Lost Revenue…

With 76 percent of drug addicts and alcoholics presently unemployed, the effect on the national economy has become significant. All told, widespread drug use costs American employers $276 billion in lost revenue each year.

Factors that contribute to drug addition:

  • mood and anxiety disorders show the most profound impact
  • Emotional trauma such as childhood abuse is also a key contributor

Sexual Abuse and Addiction

Studies have shown that women who where physically or sexually mistreated as young girls as are nearly five times more likely to use street drugs and more than twice as likely to abuse alcohol when compared with women who without a history of childhood abuse.

Addiction and the Family

Chemical dependency is an issue that affects the entire family. In the US, more than six million children live in a household that also contains at least one drug-addicted parent. To beat the epidemic of drug abuse, we must break the cycle of dependence and look toward long-term recovery solutions.

Addiction Across the United States

In 2005, an estimated 22 million American citizens struggled with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Today, almost 95 percent of people with substance abuse issues remain unaware that a problem even exists.

Among the small percentage of addicts who are finally able to recognize their addiction, 273,000 go on to fail in their subsequent attempts to obtain treatment.