Developing an addiction to drugs or alcohol is a problem that impacts several lives. Among the lives the parents do not expect it to impact is their very young elementary aged children. Although children should remain safe at school, a teacher with an addiction to drugs can ruin the feeling of safety that a family enjoys.

Third Grade Teacher With Addiction

Although parents would like to assume teachers do not abuse drugs, the reality is that even teachers are not immune to the challenges of addiction. The recent arrest of Claudia Reaney, a third grade teacher in Ogden, Utah showed that teachers can face the same challenges with drug abuse that others struggle to overcome.

Drugs In School…

In the case of Claudia Reaney, the shocking part of her addiction to heroin was the location where drugs were found. After students left for the day, police searched the teacher’s car and classroom. In the classroom, it was discovered that she had drug paraphernalia within easy reach of her young students and trace amounts of the drug were found. More traces of heroin were found in her car, which was enough to test the drug and find positive results.

Concerns About the Case

Claudia Reaney showed that anyone can become addicted to drugs, including elementary teachers. Although she is an exception, the case does raise some concerns.

Since the trace amounts of heroin were found in the classroom and the paraphernalia was within easy reach of her students, a key concern is the impact on young lives. The risk to young students who are expected to drugs can make parents, school officials and others in the community worry.

Although Claudia Reaney shocked parents and other faculty members with her disregard for the safety of her students, she has shown that addiction can affect the most unexpected individuals. As a teacher, she had responsibilities to her young students. While she did not seek help, it is never too late to work on overcoming an addiction.

Addiction Affects the Whole Family

Drug or alcohol addiction can impact more than the family or individual abusing the substance. It impacts the entire community and everyone around that individual. Although substance abuse and addiction are a challenging problem, it is possible to overcome with a little help.

Getting Help

Getting professional help to overcome drugs or alcohol can provide the opportunity to start fresh. A professional program can provide assistance through the difficult first steps to fight withdrawal symptoms and start learning to live without substances. Professionals provide counseling to work through emotional challenges that arise from withdrawal symptoms, offer advice about ways to live without the substance and give tools to fight the causes of addiction. We offer an assessment to help you determine the best way to get help for drug addiction here at iAddiction.

Addiction affects several lives, but it is possible to keep fighting the drugs or alcohol. Fighting an addiction will take time, support and work, but it is worth the effort to live without the chains of substance abuse. By giving up an addiction, it is possible to stop putting loved ones or children at risk.